SOLD Price Drop $3400 Dragon Burst 5A Quiltop Modulus Q6

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    FD615F59-B9B3-487D-8F83-D9786AB0E5E1.jpeg 1C1AD8CB-9543-4B9D-8297-745704D8A951.jpeg 9DBEDA89-0007-44C8-9163-1FA29FB74122.jpeg 6B6FB591-6994-431A-AFED-9C82C681CA16.jpeg
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    078BBCC5-BE01-4205-A069-35623AD1109B.jpeg Forsale: $3800 shipped in US
    *** Price drop $3400 shipped US

    2005 “Dragon Burst” Blue Green Burst 5A Quilt flamed Top. Looks new very clean. All black hardware. Bartolini pickups with 18 volt Active preamp. Blue Fret FX fingerboard side dot lights. Choice of OHSC or Rare Modulus gigbag (PM me and I’ll send pictures and discuss).

    See pictures and videos. Looks amazing in person and plays perfect no issues. This Quilt top is very deep and has a lot of visual movement: This comes from my personal large Modulus museum collection. No trades on this particular bass. Priced to sell. This one will make you happy :)

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    Man that sure is perty!!!! Diggin!!!! the 2nd video, great job.
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    Aug 23, 2010
    Your playing makes me want this bass!
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  5. A.J. Miller

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    I can't say enough good things about the buyer or the quality of his gear. Good luck with the sale.
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