For Sale Price Drop! ($685) 2007 American Jazz Bass (P/J with Jazz Body/Neck)

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  1. StudioGC


    Sep 20, 2015
    Here we go. Selling off more gear to lighten the load of my move overseas.

    Here we have a bass with some really cool MoJo...OK, it's a bit beat up....but has some high quality modifications done to it.

    Here's what we have:
    -A circa mid 2000's American Series (pre-American Standard) Jazz Bass body
    -A 2007 American Highway One Jazz Neck with new Hip Shot Tuners
    -Custom Warmoth Pickguard to hold new Fender Custom Shop '62 P bass pickups.
    -A custom V/T/3 Way switch made by Paul's custom guitars in Michigan
    -New High Mass Fender string thru bridge

    I love P/J's but I also like to totally separate my P from the J pick up and this is what you get. A nice blend of the two in the middle or P or J.

    The bridge pickup is the original that came with the bass and matches perfectly and completely silently with the P pickup.

    I'm including the original harness with S-1 switch (100% operational) as well as the neck original jazz pickup and pick guard. Also includes original HSC.

    The bass has seen it's share of bumps and bruises. lower corner had a ding and was painted (not very well as well as the upper horn at the strap screw. See the photos please. Also, I knicked the lower portion of the P pick ups with my soldering iron when installing the grounding wire. Works fine though.

    Also has the usual checks at the neck cavity, but they look like finish cracks and not thru to the body.

    This bass plays and sounds great, but I'm moving to London and only taking my P bass and a shorty as back up.

    This would make a great sounding. high quality gigging bass you wouldn't mind getting it already has that MoJo!


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  2. mfowlkes


    Aug 30, 2009
    Cullman, AL
    Trades are out of question...correct?
  3. StudioGC


    Sep 20, 2015
    Well....kind of. But you never know.

    Tempt me.
  4. mfowlkes


    Aug 30, 2009
    Cullman, AL
    2002 Lakland 44-02 Black and maple. I can send more info and pics of that interest you.
  5. StudioGC


    Sep 20, 2015
    That does interest me. Send them my way. Thanks!