Price Drop - ACG Lined Fretless Skelf 5

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    Price Drop to $1350

    I am narrowing my fretless inventory to a single bass, an F Bass AC5. This is the last, and best, of the fretless instruments I'm parting with in that process. I'm so impressed by Alan Cringean's work that I've ordered a custom fretted bass from him. His reputation as a top-end builder is, in my opinion, well deserved.

    This a piezo-only bass with an extremely broad range of tonalities owing to the ACG/East pre-amp. I have used it primarily for its DB/acoustic mimicry, but it can be dialed in to meet the demands of just about any genre (well.....OK.....probably not metal). Very prominent legato mwah, but can also give a burby/plucky staccato depending on how you adjust the pre and where you play.

    Specs are:
    Spanish Cedar chambered body with Zebrano accent and figured Makore top. Satin finish.
    Wenge/Zebrano/Padouk neck.
    Ebony board with Maple fretlines. Zero radius.
    34" scale. 1.75" at nut. 18mm string spacing at bridge.
    Weight ~ 8.5 lbs.
    Hipshot bridge and tuners.
    Graphtech Ghost Piezos.
    ACG EQ02 3K filter pre-amp.
    Black La Bella Tape Wound strings.

    Small surface blemish and scratch near the aft end - not visible unless you go looking for them. Shown in pictures.

    It can also be seen at the ACG gallery here:[/ur ,mnl]

    $1350 shipped to CONUS/Canada.

    I have NO interest in a trade.

    Thanks for taking the time to look.

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    More Pix

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    Buckets of mwah. Plays like melted margarine....except not all gooey and stuff.
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    More pix

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    Full of juicy uniqueness.
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    The photos won't open for me.
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    New pix embedded in prior posts.
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    I'm thinking twice - though about what I'm not saying.
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    if it were shortscale......
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    I think this will be my last shot at trying to sell this. Played the bejeezuz out of it the last 2 days. I should try to rationalize my bass investment (the missus is right), but damn this thing can make some cool sounds. And it plays effortlessly. Maybe I'll just work a few extra shifts and call it even. Anyway, while I'm still vacillating, it remains available.