No longer available PRICE DROP: EMG active PJ pickup set

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  1. negativeions24

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    Decided to split up the pickups and preamp after all. EMG active PJ 4-string pickups. These were pre-installed in a bass I bought here on TB. The quick-connect plugs had to be clipped and resoldered to be installed in the bass, and I likewise had to clip them to uninstall them from the bass. I will leave them off if you have a bass with narrow pickup wire passages, or can attempt to resolder them at your request. Asking $90 shipped CONUS. Will ship insured USPS. I will also sell these with the BQC preamp and knobs I also have for sale at a discount. Thanks!

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  2. negativeions24

    negativeions24 Supporting Member

    Price drop to $90. Feel free to make an offer.
  3. negativeions24

    negativeions24 Supporting Member

    Gonna hold on to these for the time being.

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