SOLD PRICE DROP- F-bomb Parts PJ - Big chunky neck with quarter pounders

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    Oct 26, 2014
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    Up for sale, a parts bass I used for testing pickups. It’s sturdy and no nonsense, got some scratches and what not. A little rough around the edges, but it’s the bass I’d take to a chicken-wire-stage gig (if I had one). Sounds huge with round wounds and a pick.
    MIM P Body of unknown year, routed for J bridge pup. Black poly finish.
    Mighty Mite big and chunky P maple neck of unknown vintage. Back of neck sanded to satin finish feel. Note lack of dots on maple fingerboard.
    Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder PJ pups
    Reverse gear vintage style tuners.
    Spaghetti logo water slide does not say “Fender”, it says a similarly spelled swear word instead. See pics. Scratch it off with a fingernail if you don’t like it, it has not been lacquered over. Clear lacquer over it if you do.
    Wired for VVT with each pot a push-pull that when pulled, completely removes it’s pickup for the circuit or in case of the tone knob, puts both pups in parallel. ( I wired it for testing half a dozen different P bass pickups). Cavity is copper shielded.
    Small crack in finish by input jack, some scratches on upper horn, chip on lower horn, and various small scratches from use, but certainly not even close to “Relic”.
    I’ll ship it in a generic SKB style case (packed in a shipping box too).
    Need a sturdy bass for a gig at CBGB’s with your Ramones tribute band (or have a kid in the garage that thinks she does) ? This is the perfect bass.

    Reason for selling? I’ve got a pricey bass coming in the mail and have promised to sell some unneeded gear. See my other add for a MM SR5.

    Price includes shipping to CONUS.
    0AD4B768-94EE-414B-88F8-BEBF40A2E54D.jpeg AA98BF5D-A2CF-4CD1-B7B4-FE53B049C5EE.jpeg 866B316C-77B7-4807-9B22-35FF9FD2B2C1.jpeg 038AAF31-24AA-4D9A-B69D-AA16E44C2414.jpeg E76A1F13-22C1-4608-91B5-1FA9BB0E2EDD.jpeg 4E7B0726-4835-4801-9066-C16B23B7A73B.jpeg 1DDE35B2-78DB-4DE2-A4A4-A056A76E8B81.jpeg 2C402E74-C297-4CF6-AE8C-D95D5809E5AE.jpeg 28B02348-DEE4-4F05-A45C-DDA0E2F77272.jpeg
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    Looks like a cool workhouse for a good price :thumbsup:
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    This is awesome.
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    That is really hilarious and GLWTS.
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    Yep. Exactly.
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    Oct 26, 2014
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    Thank you
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    I hate to be *that* guy, but... Weight?
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    no problem 9.65 lbs
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    Oct 26, 2014
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    hi Jen, you should get an email from me, and probably one from UPS.
    FWIW, there was not huge differences between P pickups, with the exception of the quarter pounders, which are purposefully overwound and hot. I recorded them all (and now have lost the recording) I decided I liked an EMG Geeezer the best, or one I got in a Fender Select P, or a Semour Duncan vintage. Even then, since it was not a truly blind test, I think there was a lot of confirmation bias at play. The differences were pretty subtle, I was expecting more dramatic differences, but playing technique and strings have a bigger impact.

    hope you like the bass.