For Sale/Trade PRICE DROP - Farm Pedals SubSoiler Fuzz, D.A.M. Meathead "the Dark" clone by Black Mass

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    Would trade for a Mr. Black Fwonkbeta, for Sale otherwise.

    Farm Pedals SubSoiler Fuzz
    From Farm Pedals:
    "Heavy, deep, rich, harmonically tuned fuzz steamroller."
    Unique controls. Besides Volume you have C (Compressor)which adds sustain, F (Fuzz Gate)which is kind of a combo of Gate and Bias, and LP (Low Pass)which functions as the tone control and is very interactive with the other knobs.
    I bought this during a fuzz splurge and am not using it. Practically new. Comes in original box. Velcro on the bottom because it sat on my "pedal comparing" board for a bit.
    NOW $125 (Was $145 shipped) (CONUS only)

    D.A.M. Meathead "the Dark" clone by Black Mass. This is not in their regular line. Kaden at Black Mass was kind enough to build this for me. Based on one of the best one-knob fuzzes ever. Prefers passive basses. Comes with original box.
    NOW $130 (Was $150) Shipped (CONUS only)

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