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For Sale Price Drop -Fender Aerodyne with Geezer EMG’s

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by Krebsy, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. Krebsy

    Krebsy Gold Supporting Member

    Jul 7, 2015
    611CD1A1-53FA-476D-A8F5-39B946BE7D90. 79774799-3504-457A-B15D-DBB8E51B9853. D3C17F90-20DD-458D-9752-4FF3E0428F51. 966A7F3C-7C9A-4EF0-A0EB-D5D0CFADDC44. AB407A3C-BAC5-4A70-8256-E9EB1B747E2C. DF91BD6B-631D-4C5C-AD76-302599E8A2CB. Fender Aerodyne Bass guitar. Like new with a few upgrades. EMG Geezer Butler PJ pups replace the stock units for that power when you want it and smooth tone when you need it. Fender custom vintage knobs are on it as well. Bass has less than 10hrs playing time on it. I love this bass I just have a few others that get all my attention and I’d rather see this go to a good home where she’ll be played. Bass has been set up and work done by Luthier Mark Florio of Florio Guitars. www.Florioguitars.com My price at 650 dollars is a steal. The Geezer pups were $153.00 additional (and well worth it) and the hard shell travel case was 125.00 additional so this a great deal for an amazing bass. I prefer to keep this within 2-3hrs of my home and will meet someone halfway. This basically includes all NY metro area, all of CT and into western Massachusetts and RI and parts of NJ PM’s please Read Less
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