For Sale PRICE DROP!! FS 2018 Gibson Thunderbird Bright Cherry finish.

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by Unclejackrock, Jan 21, 2019.

  1. Unclejackrock

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    Jul 13, 2006
    *Price droppped to $1000 shipped. I'm firm at that, and is a heck of a deal for someone wanting a Tbird.*

    For sale, 2018 Gibson Thunderbird in Bright Cherry finish. Somewhat rare color, and let me tell ya, it is RED!!! Very striking color under the stage lights. Plays and sounds amazing. This model came with the Babicz bridge from the factory. I bought this bass from Sweetwater’s liquidation firm. It was purchased from Sweetwater, and arrived to the original buyer damaged. Apparently it was dropped while in the case, and it popped the very top of the fretboard loose from the neck wood right up by the nut. When I received it, it was playable and the only way you could tell it was damaged was the finish was slightly cracked where the fretboard is glued down. The neck IS NOT BROKEN, and is solid as a rock. I had my luthier professionally repair it, which basically only amounted to reglueing the little 2 inch section back down and it’s as good as new. I hate to sell her, but I have 3 Tbirds, and the other 2 have more sentimental value to me. I’ll ship to the lower 48 only so as to avoid any CITES issues and such. It will ship in the factory hardshell case with all the Case candy, and also in the factory Gibson cardboard. $1100. The ONLY trade I will consider is a Nikki Sixx signature Thunderbird. Thanks for looking, PM if you want additional pics or info. 84B1DB2C-C1C0-4D2F-BF46-AD162934A2C9.png DCD49325-B58A-4A82-A5F5-2E6CD46C0EA9.png A8D5E5CF-DC29-4144-A124-8CF68BB2CF3E.jpeg 91FDCA04-168E-4939-8DBF-DDFC69098953.jpeg 7760F916-B2DF-4E18-8FBB-8A5EE090C790.jpeg 5D89503E-F274-4192-BFCD-C361DA6A8BF2.jpeg
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    Is the nut cracked on the E string?
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