SOLD PRICE DROP - Lightfoot Labs Goatkeeper V3 - Tap Tempo Tremolo / Sequencer

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    Lightfoot Labs Goatkeeper V3 - White - $450 $400 Shipped CONUS
    Comes with box and manual.

    Trades (+/- cash):
    Iron Ether Nimbus (5 knob)
    Hexe Revolver DX
    ss/bs No Memory
    Hologram Dream Sequence
    Sonic Crayon Vessel’s End
    Sonic Crayon Anti-Nautilus
    HEXE Melusine III
    Dunwich DA120 (big box)
    EGC Standard Bass
    Korg Minilogue
    MFB Tanzbar Lite

    Yea I know some of those are pretty mythical so throw out some offers you think may tickle my fancy.
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  2. gsquare

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    Jun 16, 2012
    Amazing sounding tremolo and so versatile, it's one of the only ones on the market that can take an actual click track and chase it flawlessly, I use mine to create perfectly in sync LFO synth type effects, but that's just where the fun starts, it sends the tempo to an LFO or CV input on your other effects to sync them as well. Seriously, these don't come up too often, really cool pedal.

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  3. carringtongirl


    Mar 14, 2016
    My boyfriend, Sam, in interested in possibly trading an mfb tanzbar lite. Please call him at 813-368-8671. Thanks!