SOLD *PRICE DROP* Made in USA Ernie Ball Music Man Sterling 5H 2018

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    This is not an import Sterling by Music Man bass; this is the model called a sterling that is made in California under the Ernie Ball Music Man name. The sound is similar to that of a stingray, except the pickup is ceramic instead of alnico, and it has a 3-band EQ and a 3-way toggle for series/parallel/phantom single coil. The body is also smaller than that of a stingray, and the neck profile is slimmer too (more like a jazz than a p) with 17.5mm string spacing. Like the new stingray specials, is has a rounded neck heel for easy access up to all 22 frets. It is in very good condition with the only imperfections being a scuff on the volume knob, faint scratches on the pickguard from playing, and signs of wear on the tuners (all pictured). I'm unsure of the precise weight, but I'd say it's definitely less than 10 lbs.. I don't know the gauge, but the bass is strung with roundwounds broken in by about 2 weeks.

    I'm equally interested in trading as I am buying. I'll entertain offers that meet the following criteria:
    -22 or 24 frets
    -has both a neck and bridge pickup (like a jazz but not necessarily a jazz)
    -is passive or can be played in passive via bypass
    -19mm string spacing (I can be flexible on this)
    I'm asking for $1625 with OHSC (strap is not included). Buyer pays shipping.

    Thanks for reading!
    IMG-0575.JPG IMG-0588.jpg IMG-0589.JPG IMG-0590.jpg IMG-0591.JPG IMG-0592.JPG IMG-0593.JPG IMG-0595.JPG IMG-0596.JPG

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    Oooh, Black n Maple! My fav combo, GLWTS!!
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    Wow, that looks sharp. GLWTS
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