SOLD Price Drop. Must sell ASAP. 2018 Alleva Coppolo RA5 Custom Loaded. Make an Offer

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    Hi All,

    I hate doing this because this might be the best Jazz type bass I've ever had. But I'm short on cash and I need to sell my killer Alleva Coppolo RA5 Custom. I'm the original owner. You'll see in the description below this is certainly a player's bass but it's also a great piece to collect and a perfect bass to have in the studio.

    The body is Spanish Cedar. Any Alleva Coppolo aficionado knows that Spanish Cedar bodies are rare and very special in build and tone. The Spanish Cedar generates big round lows but also allow for sweet highs. I think "sweet" is the right word for starting out the description of the tone that Spanish Cedar bodies create. The body is poly but thin. It's hard for me to tell the difference in tone between this thin poly and a nitro finish. Jimmy says the color is "natural". It looks like it has some color, maybe because of the Spanish Cedar's natural color.

    The neck is maple and so is the board. It's solid and straight as can be. The combination of Spanish Cedar with the maple board is great. You can achieve any tone you might possibly be after. I have it set at low action, and it allows you to play fast. Not to mention those thin tiny frets Jimmy uses on these J style basses. It's very well detailed with black binding and black block inlays. The headstock is slightly tinted a la 70's. I currently have Fodera Nickel Medium Gauge strings on it. Spacing is 19mm.

    The pickups are Jimmy's newer style pickups option, wound with actual NOS old wire. The tone knob reacts differently than the other AC's I've had, I think in part because of these pickups. The pickups are placed in the 70's position as most RA's are.

    The bass weighs 9.3 lbs, right around what the other 5 string AC's I've had weigh.

    Condition of the bass is 9.4/10 because of a small ding that you can maybe see in the second picture. The ding is in the trough of the contour line. It's not visible from the front.

    Included is the original Pro Tec Contego case that the bass came with. Shipping is included to the 48 US contiguous states. I'm not interested in trades unless you wanna give $5,000 cash and a really really good bass.

    Below are a few pictures and a video with PRE audio coming out of my monitor mix from a praise and worship set a few weeks ago.



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    Killer bass and seller!!!
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    Here's another video, where I have the bridge pickup all the way open and the neck pickup down to about 80%.

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    Jan 18, 2014
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    Here's the RA in the home studio side to side with a killer Fodera Emperor Elite 5. They both hold their own.