For Sale Price Drop: RARE Curly Holly Top LEJ LowEnd Jazz Bass w/ GraphTech Ghost MIDI and Piezo Built IN!!

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  1. Cameron Mc

    Cameron Mc

    Jan 20, 2003
    Roanoke, VA
    Roscoe Guitars-Benavente & LowEnd Basses-SIT Strings-Schroeder Cabs
    SUPER RARE Curly Holly Top
    Curly Black Limba Body
    21 frets
    Birdseye maple Fretboard
    Wenge/Birdseye Maple B-Type Neck
    Abalone Dots
    Jazz Pickup configuration.

    $1400-$1900 OBO plus Shipping


    This Bass is super special, and hopefully priced appropriately due to some unique circumstances and features as things are in somewhat of a modular situation:

    First and foremost, this is an awesome bass. The neck is amazing, the body is amazing, its well played and feels amazing...All of the things you want to hear in about a bass!! Seriously, smooth and easy to navigate the fretboard. The woods make for a great combination of low end punch, and the top end articulation is legit as well. All that aside, on to the "fun" stuff!

    The MIDI technology is still inside the bass that allows you to control any Roland or Axon Pitch to MIDI hardware directly from the bass without an additional pickup. This is built directly into the top of the bass. It also has the piezo pickup upgrade,
    all totaled a $420 item (product-detail), however, they are not currently wired to the output jack. The bass is currently wired passive with an active set of EMGs that will not be included in the sale. If you want a set of pickups installed, that can be discussed.

    If you desire the MIDI setup to be reconnected, that can also be discussed, but similar to the pickups, would incur a price bump to re-purchase the components (Stereo input jack, a new 3-way toggle, and a battery holder)

    OR if you want to purchase the bass AS-IS and provide your own pickups, or reconnect the MIDI/Piezo components at your leisure, that is an option as well, and would be reflected in the price.

    Lastly, the bass took a tumble some years ago. There is a solid crack from one of the volume knobs on the top around the bottom of the bass and to the Instrument jack. Nothing structural, but its there nonetheless. There is also one ding on the upper horn. The crack under the toggle switches was from the initial install of the MIDI system.

    IMG_3388.jpg IMG_3365.jpg IMG_3366.jpg IMG_3368.jpg IMG_3369.jpg IMG_3371.jpg IMG_3372.jpg IMG_3373.jpg IMG_3374.jpg IMG_3375.jpg IMG_3376.jpg IMG_3377.jpg IMG_3378.jpg IMG_3379.jpg IMG_3380.jpg IMG_3381.jpg IMG_3382.jpg IMG_3383.jpg IMG_3386.jpg

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  2. TimBosby

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    Dec 19, 2004
    Omaha, NE, USA
    Super sexy.
  3. Cameron Mc

    Cameron Mc

    Jan 20, 2003
    Roanoke, VA
    Roscoe Guitars-Benavente & LowEnd Basses-SIT Strings-Schroeder Cabs
    bass weighs 10lb even...limba bringing that density.