SOLD PRICE DROP-RARE FEATURES (Discontinued offerings) Hofner Verythin Bass 30" Scale. As New

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    Aloha Fellow Bassists!

    Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy as we continue to navigate the COVID-19 outbreak. I'm downsizing my collection in this stage of my life (turned 50 in May) and I don't need the amount of basses that I have.

    Last time I played live was back in the mid 90s. Since then I have been a collector and not a practicing musician. All the basses I own now have never left my bedroom and may have been played only a handful of times.

    I am an experienced buyer and seller, and recently returned to Talkbass to downsize my collection. I have shipped high end instruments worldwide including Ken Smiths, Custom Shop Warwicks, F Basses, Custom Shop Hamers (12 strings), including the Exhibition Roscoe in my avatar.

    Up for sale is a Hofner Verythin Bass 500/7 short scale 30" Contemporary Series bass, designed in Germany and made in Indonesia, and comes with a hardshell case with a built in hygrometer made to monitor humidity.

    While the Contemporary Series is still in production, this one has some unique features that are not available to order. take a look at the fancy scroll headstock design compared to the current offerings. This is no longer offered. In addition, the models offered now have the built in pickguard. This is the only one I have ever come across without a built in pickguard. If you look at the pictures, there isn't a screw hole to mount the pickguard on the side of the body, meaning no pickguard was ever installed. The cherry red color is a limited release on a spruce top (per manufacturer specs) and flamed maple back and sides of body. However, from the pics, it looks like its a flamed maple top to me. The bass has a spruce center block running through the body so its like aa hybrid of a solid body and a hollow body. 3 piece neck construction with center beech strip sandwiched by maple. Taking all of these into consideration, this is a pretty unique and hard to come across bass. These come in the standard 34" scale too (500/8 model) but I find the long scale "desireable" as the fancy inlays are replaced by standard dot inlays. Do not mistaken this bass (500/7 model) for the long scale 500/8 model. Bass includes both black and white knobs. ALSO NOTE: NOT ALL OF THESE BASSES COMES WITH A HARDSHELL CASE...PLEASE BE MINDFUL IF SHOPPING AROUND EVEN FROM A RETAILER.

    This bass was plugged in when maybe 2 or 3 times total in my bedroom and was purchased as a collection peice. Everything is in mint and new condition, and never been gigged with.

    Action is super low and neck is straight, and still strung with stock roundwound strings. Some prefer flatwounds for the old school thump sound but I like the roundwounds as it brings out the bridge pickup growl sound. Super easy to play with no fretbuzz but low LOW action.

    Shipping is free in the continental US. International buyers, please contact me for shipping costs.

    I'm trying to downsize my collection so I'm not interested in trades at this time. Let me know if there's any questions. Thanx for viewing my listing. Aloha and Mahalo.

    (All photos taken indoors with natural sunlight. Apologies for the glare and slight color variation of pics due to lighting.). Black backdrops and "in house" photos are taken by me. White backdrop pictures were taken by retailer sent to me.


    1 body profile.jpg
    2 body profile.jpg
    3 body back profile.jpg
    4 full bass.jpg
    5 headstock front.jpg

    6 headstock back.jpg
    7 thin profile.jpg
    8 fretboard inlays.jpg
    9 no pickguard screwhole.jpg
    10 label.jpg
    11 hardcase.jpg

    12 bass in case 1.jpg
    13 bass in case 2.jpg
    14 hygrometer.jpg
    15 barcodes.jpg
    16 retail pic 1 bass front profile.jpg

    17 retail pic 2 bass body front5.jpg
    18 retail pic 3 body back.jpg
    19 retail pic 4 body side .jpg
    20 retail pic 5 headstock.jpg
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  2. Hidesert


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    That is a great design and looks very well built. I would own that in a minute!!! BTW...while I know nothing about these basses, the pictures show a flamed top that appears to be flamed maple, not spruce.
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  3. khui

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    Nov 22, 2007
    Thanx for the comments and the clarification. I agree with you. I think top is flamed maple. I have never seen "flamed spruce". Manufacturer description specs says the top is spruce, so go figure. lol.

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  4. Brio


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    Good luck, I love my burst Verythin. They're such great bases, lightweight, growly to thumpy with a couple of knob turns. Really fun to play.
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  5. klharper


    Oct 16, 2005
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    My guess would be a pressed spruce top, with a flame maple veneer over it?

    Sweet find! Would love one of these if I didn't already have too many hollowbodies
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  6. khui

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    Nov 22, 2007
    That makes sense! Thx for the comment!
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  7. Still available? I've never seen the red 500/7 with the bellflower headstock! Nice!
  8. khui

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    Nov 22, 2007
    Aloha, thx for the kind comments. Bass is still available. PM me if interested. Mahalo.
  9. starjag

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    Hello... is the bridge glued or floating freely? Would you consider shipping to Ontario, Canada? Thanks.
  10. What a very nice looking instrument. I very much like the inlay appointments on the headstock and the lines on the fretboard. And wonder of wonders - you get separate actual volume and tone knobs on a Hofner! Imagine that.
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  11. khui

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    Nov 22, 2007
    Mahalo for the compliments!