No longer available PRICE DROP - Rickenbacker 4003s/5 One-Off

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    For sale, the Rickenbacker 2019 4003s/5 one-off finish of Pearl Plumglo. In excellent condition, I've only gigged it a couple times, the original owner did not gig it at all. Inspecting it before putting up the ad, I see only one 3/16" "chip" in the finish. On the back side edge, heading towards the lower horn. Not sure how I did that, but there it is, no damage to the wood around or in the chip. Almost like it's only in the top coat, body color underneath is not touched.

    Bathroom scale method says 9.8 pounds.

    $2,000 includes shipping to lower 48 states only, please. OHSC is in great condition as well (none of the feet are bashed in as can happen with Rick's cases)

    Plays beautifully, sounds great, I just need to fund some drum tracks I already purchased, so not interested in any trades, please.

    20190827_102033_resized.jpg 20190827_101920_resized.jpg 20190827_101934_resized.jpg 20190827_101956_resized.jpg 20190827_102014_resized.jpg 20190827_102050_resized.jpg 20200527_160656.jpg Untitled.jpg
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