SOLD Price Drop - Sandberg TM5 Hardcore Aged Sunburst 5 String

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    IMG_0235.JPG Make me an offer!

    Wow, look at the beautiful distressed sunburst on this bass! Sandberg is reknowned for their distressing technique which is as real as it gets. I even fooled my carpenter and furniture maker friends who all thought this bass really was 35 years old.

    Sandberg basses from Germany are an excellent value for the money. The quality of these basses is very high.

    Single coil and humbucker pickups,, Glockenklang electronics, active and passive switch, pickup switch, and tone controls. You can shape your sound right on the bass. The high quality of all the components makes for a quiet bass that has great tone and playability.

    This is the new body style that Sandberg started making in 2015. It has several advantages that improve the bass over the previously awesome models. See the Youtube video below.

    This five string is very solid and sounds great. Tone is good throughout the neck and there are no dead spots.

    The bass guitar magazine article is spot on. You'll have to google it though as the link won't post. Bass Guitar magazine Review of the Sandberg TM4

    Also a review on Sandberg at
    bassplayer com/gear/1164/review-sandberg-california-tm-bass/47869 front.JPG

    I have had 8 Sandberg basses now and I loved all of them. 3 have already sold. This is my final run on bringing these great basses into the USA. I have four left. I am keeping one to play for myself. It was a hard choice because all of them are so great, I want to keep all of them but I only have two hands and can play only one. I almost kept this one for the incredible finish.

    Check out the pictures and if you have any questions let me know. I take offers because I'd like to put my money back into my savings account sooner rather than later.
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    Product Specs
    Hardcore Aged Sunburst
    5-String or More

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    What is the scale length and bridge string spacing on this beauty?
  3. bassgrackle


    Aug 17, 2010
    The Scale is 35" and the bridge spacing is adjustable from 16 to 18 mm. I was playing it on the tighter side, it makes for a really quick bass.
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    Aug 17, 2010
    I will be willing to work the price down on this one if you are interested.
  5. My fav bass for sale on TB at the moment and I only play four string. What better chance to try a five.
  6. bassgrackle


    Aug 17, 2010
    TN Woodman, with the adjustable string spacing on this bass it almost feels like you are playing a 4 string.
  7. Congrats on the sale! Now I can stop lusting after this bass. Almost forgot there's a non relic model also listed. Oh well -no cure for gas.