SOLD Price drop to $1000 - Modulus Graphite neck through 4 string Lefty bass

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    For sale: $1200 - sold as-is

    *** Price drop to $1000 + $50 for shipping in US.

    1982/83 Lefty Modulus neck through.

    Here is an opportunity to own a 4 string graphite neck through Modulus bass for less. I am currently down sizing preparing to move and do not have the time to complete this restoration anytime soon and would rather see someone else complete and enjoy.

    It is currently strung as a righty and has easy 24 fret access. 34” scale neck and has brass side dots on either side of fingerboard to be setup and played as a righty or lefty. Purchased new EMG Active PJ set for installation and will install or you can as you like. Original Schaller tuners are incredible. Original Badass II brass bridge. Neck does have bow / excess relief and would require frets to be pulled and existing fingerboard to be leveled for lower action if required as neck does not have a truss rod. Tone sounds amazing and is very resonate. Very comfortable playability just needs some “TLC”. As this is a neck through… the body wings could be removed and new body wings added if you wanted to convert as a righty.

    PM any questions and I can provide additional info and pics. See original picture of this bass painted as red metallic in the 80’s. C830B871-8C31-47B1-A6B1-85FE43676992.jpeg

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