SOLD [PRICE DROP] Triode Pedals LEVIATHAN 3-band resonant filter / LFO

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    Not a lot of these out there in the wild - this is #10, comparable to a Moogerfooger LPF or Iron Ether Xerograph. Awesome acid etched enclosure. Expression pedal input on top.

    Price drop to $175 includes USPS Priority shipping
    Pedal is in excellent condition and includes original box
    3M low profile strips applied to back
    Some more detailed pics included below

    IMG_20181215_175517.jpg IMG_20181215_175539.jpg IMG_20181215_175547.jpg

    LEVIATHAN is a three band resonant filter on the left and low frequency oscillator on the right, can be run separately or together

    The Leviathan is a powerful tool to diversify your sonic palette. The resonant filter can be set to high pass, band pass, or low pass filtering. Stomp it in for a half cocked wah or gurgling low frequency rumble.Then add the LFO for a gentle warble or ramp it up to a howling siren.

    The Leviathan also features an expression pedal input. This can be used in the bandpass setting for some classic wah sounds. Or in lowpass for huge bass swells. The EXP pedal also works in conjunction with the LFO, giving a unique effect of focusing the LFO oscillation upon a sweepable frequency range.

    Song controls the frequency cutoff point of the filter, turning this gives you a classic filter sweep sound. By adjusting the feed control, the resonance feedback can be used for either a minimal effect all the way to self oscillation. The LFO section of the Leviathan is routed to the Song (frequency) control. Churn controls the speed, while Wake controls the depth (or intensity) of the LFO.
    For full range LFO operation, set the Song in the middle position, setting it to either side will force the LFO within smaller parameters (which may be desirable)

    PayPal / USPS Priority shipping included
    NO shipping outside the CONUS
    PayPal / questions: edbocchino (AT) gmail (DOT) com
    Thanks for looking!
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