SOLD *Price Drop* Vintage 1970s Morley/Tel Ray PWB Power Wah Boost (CDN$)

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    You don't see these pop up too often.

    Get that instant Cliff Burton screaming wah sound with one of these.

    The sweep is so wide on this pedal that it makes a great bass wah as well as a guitar wah.
    When the wah footswitch is disengaged the pedal acts as a volume pedal. Has a seperate boost circuit and footswitch with tons of gain on tap.

    These work off a bulb and light sensor rather than a potentiometer to create the wah effect. Has a unique sound to it.

    Pedal is in 100% working order and just has some cosmetic dings/scratches in the chrome casing. Also the foot grip rubber is unglued and lifting slightly in the bottom right corner (see photo) Other than that it's in pretty good shape for its age I think.

    Pedal comes hardwired with a 2 prong wall outlet chord that's about 8 feet long or so.

    I'm not the original owner but no modifications or restoration work has been done on the pedal by me.

    Free shipping anywhere in Canada is included in the price. I'm willing to ship anywhere else for a little extra shipping money and buyer would be responsible for any duty or import charges incurred on their end.

    Paypal F&F or E-transfer (if in Canada) preferred

    Open to reasonable offers as well so just DM if you want to buy and we'll see if we can work something out.

    I haven't used this guy in quite a while so it's time to pass it on to someone else rather than let it collect dust.

    20221029_162407.jpg 20221029_162506.jpg 20221029_162354.jpg 20221029_162422.jpg 20221029_162516.jpg 20221029_162342.jpg 20221029_162433.jpg 20221029_162445.jpg