SOLD PRICE DROP - Yamaha TRBX 505 Bass Guitar, 5 V String, Excellent!

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    ** SOLD! **
    Yamaha TRBX 505 Bass Guitar, 5 V String, Excellent!

    Great bass here - in excellent shape, barely played, and with outstanding Yamaha Quality. Active preamp with 3 band EQ, active/passive switch, and a passive tone control gives you the best of both worlds. The bass weighs a comfortable 8.6 lbs on my digital bathroom scale.

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    ** Free Shipping to the Lower 48 **


    Body - The TRBX505 features a sculpted, solid mahogany body with a mass-optimized 3D design for a balance between tone and comfort coupled with even weight distribution

    Neck - 34" scale - The neck design combines a fast, comfortable profile with 5-piece maple/mahogany laminated construction for stability and improved tone.

    Pickups - YGD-designed H5 pickups are defined by a clean, open tone that’s matched with the flexibility of the active/passive preamp design. Their quad-polepiece design and alnico magnets give them the power to drive the active circuit, and the sensitivity and subtlety to capture nuance in passive mode

    Electronics - The TRBX505 features an audiophile-grade active/passive circuit for fine tonal control and flexibility. The design offers a level-matched output whether in passive or active mode, and tone-switching circuitry that seamlessly moves from treble control to master passive tone. Gold-plated parts are used for key signal-chain contacts, providing increased conductivity and reliability, and a battery alert LED installed on the back panel gives instant indication of low power to eliminate sudden power loss during performance

    Neck Joint - TRBX505 uses a precision-fitted bolt-on neck joint for adjustability and clear, punchy tone. Developed through hundreds of hours of play-testing, the refined neck joint shape balances strength, vibration transfer, and upper-fret access

    Bridge - 18mm Spacing - A high-mass die-cast bridge efficiently transfers string vibrations to the body for full, rich tone combined with adjustability and road-tested durability

    Headstock - Straight string pull from nut to machine head eliminates lateral tension, providing improved tuning stability and reducing overtones

    Nut - The 43mm nut width provides fast, comfortable playability for any style


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    I've got the 605...same bass with a fancy top. I love mine and this is an amazing price for a solid, great sounding bass. GLWTS!