SOLD Price Drops! Drives and Fuzz - EH Tall Font Russian BMP - - Fairfield Barbershop

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    Hola! Cleaning some room off the old board. I'll have more/better photos up later.

    90's Sovtek EH Big Muff Pi - V7 Tall Font - $280 Shipped
    • Works perfectly and sounds YUGE! Tone knob spins full circle but otherwise doesn't cut out or spin loosely. Still functions as it should, it just rolls from 10 back to 0 without a hard stop. Sounds like this is common on these.
    SS/BS Team Awesome - $SOLD
    • Perfect condition - everything included as new.
    Fairfield Circuitry Babershop V1 - $130 Shipped
    • Perfect condition - everything included as new.
    Blackstone Appliances Mosfet Overdrive - $SOLD
    • A little wear, but works perfectly. Awesome bass drive.

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