SOLD PRICE DROPS - EBS MultiDrive, TC Corona Chorus

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    Pedals include the original box/tin if it is shown in the photo. All are in very good to excellent used condition. Most have hook side velcro applied. Prices shown include shipping to ConUS, International shipping may be available (at additional cost to buyer). Paypal OK.

    Please PM questions.

    1. TC Electronic Corona Chorus - $70 - No Longer Available - Keeping it for now.
    -Very good used condition: Has a Sharpie mark on the side (pictured). The foot-switch is firmer than some TC pedals I've tried but works perfectly.

    2. Mooer Tender Octaver - $110 - SOLD

    3. Mooer Ninety Orange Phaser - $45 - SOLD
    - Very good used condition, has a couple small nicks in the paint, works perfectly.

    4. EBS MultiDrive - $90 - No Longer Available - Keeping it for now.
    - Excellent used condition, no issues.

    5. Tech21 Sansamp BDDI - $100 - SOLD

    6. Korg Pitch Black Tuner - $45 - SOLD
    Excellent used condition, no issues.

    7. Tech21 Bass Boost Chorus (repainted & labeled) $110 - SOLD


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    PM sent.