SOLD *Price Drops* Multiple Darkglass pedals for sale (all prices $CDN)

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    All prices are $CDN

    Darkglass Alpha Omega Ultra V1 (no AUX) used- $350
    Darkglass Alpha Omega used - $225 SOLD
    Darkglass Hyper Luminal new in sealed box - $250 SOLD
    Darkglass B3k made in Helsinky (2010s version) with box no goodies used - $150 SOLD
    Fuzzrocious Rat Tail with 2nd gain mod (stamped art) used - $175 SOLD
    Idiotbox Blower Box (large style enclosure) with box used - $140 SOLD
    Earthbound Audio Supercollider (large style enclosure) used - $150 SOLD
    MXR Bass fuzz Deluxe with box and goodies used - $100 SOLD
    MXR Bass Compressor VERY USED - $50 SOLD

    Clearing out a whole bunch of pedals that I'm no longer using since I switched over to a helix. All prices are OBO (reasonable offers entertained) and include shipping anywhere in Canada. I'm willing to ship to the USA but buyer would be responsible for additional shipping and any import duty fees incurred as a result of shipping internationally. DM with any offers and we'll figure out a payment option.

    I'll put some brief descriptions of the pedals below. If you're interested in something but would like additional pictures just DM me and I can provide more photos.

    Darkglass Alpha Omega V1: Pedal was gigged for a number of years so has Velcro on the back but is still in great cosmetic shape as I never stomped on it since it lived in a rack setup. I no longer have the box or the things that came inside. Just selling the pedal.

    Darkglass Alpha Omega: Same deal as above pretty much. Has sat since I upgraded to the ultra. No box or goodies. Good cosmetic condition and has Velcro on the back.

    Darkglass Hyper Luminal: This is a brand new pedal still in a sealed box. I was using a Hyper Luminal in my setup but then the main power delivery board died within the warranty period so I RMA'd the pedal and they sent me a brand new replacement. By the time all this was taken care of I was already in the process of switching to a helix setup so this pedal just sat in it's box once I took possession of it. Picture shows the factory seal still intact.

    Darkglass B3k: I want to say I bought this around 2011-2012. It was when darkglass was just starting to get popular around here and before they became the juggernauts of bass gear they are now. This pedal is a made in Helsinki version. The production of B3Ks briefly moved to the USA thanks to a deal with 3 Leaf Audio but my pedal pre-dates that move and the subsequent move back to being manufactured in Helsinky. Has a few marks on the enclosure and has Velcro on the bottom but otherwise in good condition. Comes with box but I don't have any of the goodies that came inside.

    Fuzzrocious Rat Tail: This is a pretty early rat tail (#076). It was bought around when Ryan was offering stamped artwork as an option to get pedals to you faster as opposed to the hand painted artwork. No labels on the knobs but it's pretty easy to figure out what they do. This one has a 2nd gain setting and switch so you can run it most of the time at a low OD type setting then kick in gain 2 for more gnarly tones during some sections. Has some marks on the enclosure but no Velcro on the back. Works great.

    Idiotbox Blower Box: When these first came out they were in these larger style enclosures with the volume knob on the top by the in/out jacks. I got this on a whim but barely ever used this pedal. Just sat in it's box most of it's life. Never gigged. No Velcro on bottom. Very good condition.

    Earthbound Audio Supercollider: Great modded muff type circuit. Bought when they were in a large style enclosure. Was part of a gigging board for a number of years so has a few marks and some Velcro on the back.

    MXR Bass fuzz Deluxe: Bought this and never really got on with it. It sounds good it just isn't the style of fuzz I prefer so it just sat in it's box for years. Never gigged and no Velcro on the bottom.

    MXR Bass Compressor: This guy is in rough shape cosmetically. It's been gigged to hell and back but it's still ticking. It's missing a knob topper and one of the others is loose but this pedal still functions great if you can get past the cosmetic damage. The price reflects this and this is probably one pedal where I'll be firm on the price since it's so low to begin with. Great deal for someone who doesn't mind a beat up compressor.

    20221029_161122.jpg 20221029_161426.jpg 20221029_160936.jpg 20221029_161708.jpg 20221029_160408.jpg 20221029_160018.jpg 20221029_160849.jpg 20221029_160230.jpg 20221029_161014.jpg
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    MXR Bass Compressor is sold
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    Fuzzrocious Rat Tail is Sold
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    Earthbound Audio Supercollider is Sold
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    Darkglass B3K is Sold
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    MXR Bass Fuzz is Sold
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    Idiot Box Blower Box is Sold
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    Darkglass Alpha Omega is Sold
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    Darkglass Hyper Luminal is sold