SOLD Price drops! Parting out a board - Sushibox, EHX, One Control, etc. plus cases and boards

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    I have a ridiculous amount of pedals and just don't need another board. All prices are shipped CONUS except where noted. Multiple pedal discount, plus freebies! Feel free to make offers, and no trades at this time.

    many/most of these have boxes (please ask if you want to confirm) - power supplies only where noted. Make me an offer!

    Joyo Vision (with power supply) - $40

    TC Electronic Brainwaves - $120

    Hotone Phaze mini - $60

    EWI Active DI - super transparent DI - $35 - free if you buy two or more items

    Sushibox Slampegg Bee - $150 SOLD
    One Control Sonic Silver Peg - SVT in a little box! - $70 SOLD
    Pedal Board - Morton Long Slant 16, 16x12 board with Dual lock, power strip and IEM power cable dock, in/out dock, custom glitter paint job - really surprised as to how nice this board is! - $70 No Longer available
    Jay Ganz SA-500 - 500 watt amp that can fit on your pedal board. New condition, never used except at home to test - less than 10 minutes on it - $280 SOLD
    Boss SY-1 - $170 SOLD
    Pedalboard generic aluminum - 14.5*6 - free with two item purchase GONE
    Gator GPB-LAK-1 pedal board with custom glitter paint - 16*7 - SOLD
    Fender classic tweed case small - $140 - SOLD
    Creation Audio Labs Holy Fire classic (with power supply) - $90 SOLD
    Source Audio Aftershock - $115 SOLD
    One Control Prussian Blue Reverb - $90 SOLD
    EHX Enigma Q-Balls - Mutron plus distortion! - $90 SOLD

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