No longer available *Price Lowered* Buscanti Familia de Reserva Newport

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    Oct 10, 2011
    I traded for this bass a few months ago. I really, really like it. It has a pretty cool “slap switch” and it just plays like a champ. Neck is fast and nice. Lightweight and a very good looking bass. Has a blemish on back of neck and a small ding on body. I’ve pictured both. Here’s an overview of bass from builders:

    My brother and I have been building basses since 2005. It's not a full-time business. Our brand is called Buscanti. You might have seen some of our basses bought, sold, traded and reviewed. I have a finished (non-ordered) bass available in a jazz config. It's has some nice tones and its a pretty bass.

    Here is the Jazz type bass I have listed on Reverb. As a matter of fact, the body was made by Fender. (There are specifications provided and sound clip too)

    Buscanti Newport Family Reserve 2017 Arctic White w/ Rosewood Board (TPR 10% off)

    Here are a couple reviews of it: (More at Harmony Central)

    NBD**Buscanti Newport/Review

    Buscanti 'Newport' Jazz Bass

    The electronics package is a wiring specialty of my brother. The implementation of the standard EMG and the EXB function is not an easy task. He has to use the new old stock solderable components from EMG for it to work.

    This bass comes with a TKL deluxe case.
    Up for trade only at this time. Will sell for 750$ Split Shipping. This bass needs to get played more. Thanks.
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    Oct 10, 2011
    This Bass needs to get played!! It’s awesome, just not for me. Plus my Prat gets all the action these days. Make an offer or PM me for more pics or details.