price of a 1x15 custom cabinet?

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  1. Hey guys, I have a local builder who says he can build me a cab for my jbl k-140s, he's not a big name guy but I have seen a bit of his work and it looks good. He offered to build me one for 150 that is tuned to my speakers, what do you think? Is this a decent price?
  2. Depends. What kind of construction and finishing is he going to use?
  3. baltic birch plywood with natural finish with a heavy coat of satin poly
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    Not a bad price IF he know's what he is doing.
  5. he seems to be pretty comfortable when I asked him basic questions, he's also asking for a 50 dollar deposit, it didn't sound to out of the ordinary but I've never dealt with a custom dealer. Is there a way other than the honor system, or do I just have to trust him to not pocket what I give him
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    we can't judge his character over the internet even if you spent a year describing him. Ultimately you have to use your judgement to trust him or not, unless you're a loudspeaker connoisseur yourself to verify his suggestions for the cab are going to be valid.
  7. My apologies, I must not have been clear in my question. Is it the norm to leave a deposit?
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    Ah. Yes, I would and do require a deposit for any kind of work anyone leaves me. 50% now, the other 50% when the work is completed before receipt of goods.
  9. Awesome, I think may just go for it. I need something that is more portable than a 4x10.
  10. Hi.

    $150 sounds very reasonable. I wouldn't do it with the hardware/material prices over here.


    Some want 1/2, some take the material cost. Some want all in advance.
    It's up to the buyer whether he/she is comfortable with that.
    Obviously in this case the storage time isn't calculated in, but in vehicles, that can play a major role in the deposit.

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    What cabinet design is he using for the JBL's?
    If you have the specs, one of the TB speaker cab gurus may be able to tell if it's a good design.