SOLD ** Price Reduced ** LTD B255 Neck-thru w/Nordstrand Big Singles and 3b-5a preamp

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  1. TrickyPat


    Jul 26, 2011
    LTD B-255 5-String Electric Bass
    The B-255 has the features of a bass costing twice as much: neck-thru construction, active electronics, beautiful flamed maple top, 5-piece maple and walnut neck, massive string-thru-body bridge, XJ frets, and a comfortably contoured body. For the price, you won't find a 5-string that can touch it.

    · 5-string
    · Agathis body with flamed maple top
    · 5-piece maple/walnut neck with neck-thru-body construction
    · Rosewood fretboard with abalone dot inlays and pearloid "B-255" 12th fret inlay
    · ESP® BB-105 string-thru-body bridge
    · ESP® die-cast tuners
    · Black chrome hardware
    · 24 extra jumbo frets
    · 1.75" nut width
    · 34" scale length
    · Trans Red gloss finish​

    This particular bass has been upgraded with professionally installed Nordy Big Singles pickups and 3b-5a preamp. I picked it up on TB a few years ago because I'd never heard the Big Singles before and the pickups and preamp are worth $400+ by themselves.

    The bass has a few scratches on the back and a small chip taken out of the neck near the first few frets, but it plays great and sounds awesome. The action is low, the neck is straight and it's super light weight.

    For Sale or Trade, I'm looking for a passive 4-string Fender Precision bass. Price includes CON US shipping, no case, but will be well-packed. Paypal only.


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  2. TrickyPat


    Jul 26, 2011
    I've had some good offers on this bass, still looking for the right P-bass trade.
    To clarify how low I've got this priced, the Nordstrand Big Singles go for $216 new, the Nordstrand 3b-5a 3 band preamp is $171, that's $387 in electronics alone!
  3. TrickyPat


    Jul 26, 2011
    Still available!
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