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    First things first, I am NOT asking this as a round about way to advertise this here. I am asking because I honestly don't know, and want to get prepped for the day soon that I will be putting this up for sale locally. I have no interest in shipping...

    I am a bit lost as to how I should determine the value of my old amps. I am needing to sell them off to make space for the new amp coming in, and I just have no clue how to price them...

    The amps in question are...

    #1. 2003 Crate BT-100, 1 scuff mark in the covering, but otherwise in like new condition. Played yes, abused no...
    #2. 2003 Crate MXB-10 10 watt practice amp. No blemishes. Used only very slightly.

    When I Google Crate BT-100 value, I see several postings for them for sale, Music Go Round in Columbus OH has one, that is a complete dog compared to mine condition wise for $139.00. I have seen other postings including Ebay, Craigslist, Guitar Center etc... that list them at a high point of $225.00 which I am pretty sure is a bit high for this amp...

    The MXB-10 is even harder to price, new 10 watt practice amps retail in teh $80.00 and up range, I don't see any of these going for sale so I am not sure how to mark it...

    Any help setting a reasonable price tag on these would be appreciated...
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    just going by the prices you mention, your BT100 sounds like it could go for $160 - $180 ? Maybe ask $180 OBO

    New practice amps are cheap as chips, I dunno, $50 . You are the best judge, is $50 too cheap in your eyes? You don't want to sell it for an amount that you think is giving it away.Or....... donate it to a local kid, good karma !
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    I was thinking if I couldn't get at least $150.00 for both, I would give serious consideration into donating them to either my church, or my Alma Mater's musical performance program.

    There is some, slight, but a real possibility I might see about getting at least the BX-100 into the music room of my jam friends house...

    Maybe even consider a straight up trade for a reasonable guitar combo amp....

    It's all part of a larger plan... I am trying to rig up the music room / studio / home office with bass, guitar, digital piano, and my recording gear... No real room for a drum kit, or need at this point... I am still working out the drum kit issues. However the digital piano I have my eyes set on might solve the drum problem for me!
  4. How I determine "Street Value"... Go to Ebay. Look your specific item up. Then do an Advanced Search ( ) and check the Sold Listings box. This will give you all of the sold listings for like the last couple of months. You can get a good idea of the value from that.
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    ... aside from the fact that you just advertised that those items are for sale ...
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    Not planning on accepting offers on Talkbass... Doubt there are local members and I don't need the hassle of shipping. Just not going to do it...
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    THANKS X1000!
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    Moderators. What say ye? I know I am close but I am NOT offering to sell here just value questions.

    Perhaps I would have been better off phrasing the valuation question in the context of insurance...
  10. Dave, throw the site some coin and be done with it..this is too good a forum not to support ;}
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    Was planning on doing so next weekend...
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    I just re-read the rules and I don't see it. Asking what something is worth and offering something for sale are *not* the same thing at all.

    If this is the rule, then fine. But it needs to be clarified.
  13. The rules of talkbass are that you must be a supporting member to ask what your gear is worth. It doesn't matter if you are planning on listing them are not as it's still a back ended way of potentially selling gear without paying the fee. At one point I had the newest vintage guitar pricing guide and decided to let people post their basses and I would give the book value. I was told by mods that I had to take it down or limit it to paid members and clearly that was not a thread for people selling stuff.
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    I think it should be noted that depending on where you live, you may have to price something lower, just because the market may be smaller with less demand. For instance, if I put up a Warwick on my local Craigslist or music forum, I may not get the same price that I would here or what it would sell on GC's used page. That's because not a lot of people where I live have the money to drop on a bass like that. If I tried to locally sell something kind of exotic like a Sadowsky SA200 amp, it would probably never ever move.
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  15. Unfortunately Crate is not a desirable brand for some reason (they make awesome amps), so the amps probably aren't worth very much. I got my excellent condition Crate BX-160 for $40 locally. Looking at the ebay listings, the Crate BT-100 seems to be worth less than $150 so if you are selling locally I would price at $100 unless your market is very good. The Crate MXB-10 has sold for between $5.50 and $33 on ebay so probably start at $25 and go down from there.
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    The local GC has recently sold a worse condition BX100 for 189.00
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    Done deal...
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    How to price amps:

    1: decide how much money you want to have instead of the amp.

    2: see 1 for price of amp.
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    Did the mods point you to the rule number? I'm curious because I don't see it represented in the rules, and it seems like an odd policy anyway, particularly WRT your example.
  20. I know it's a policy and has been for some time. Again...the reason is that you need to be a supporting member to sell things here and asking what it's worth is an easy way around that. In my example there was NO way I was even kinda selling something BUT it's much easier to say that it applies in ALL cases then it is to police the threads and decide on a case by case basis.