SOLD Pristine Epifani UL Series 2 410/115 stack and Epifani PS 600 amplifier

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  1. wswinsons

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    Jan 13, 2013
    Several items for sale here in this thread. I am the original owner of this equipment. Smoke free home, sitting in my studio. Prices below are for the separate item. If you want the whole rig the price is $1000.

    First, Epifani PS 600 amp, excellent condition. I changed the original blue face plate to a silver one as I am a machinist by trade. Operates and sounds great! No damage. These are awesome amps. Conus & SHIPPED ...only $350. Power supply,rack, and light NOT included.

    Second, Epifani UL 2 series 410 cab 8 ohm. 1000 watts. Loaded with Epifani neo's. Great cab, excellent shape. Hard to find an 8 ohm like this. Pretty light weight if I recall. $500 in CONUS and you pay shipping.

    Third, Epifani UL Series 2 115, 8 ohm, 500 watts. Also a great cab. Super light weight due to neo 15" Speaker. $400 in CONUS and you pay shipping.

    If you have any questions please pm me. No trades please. I am willing to drive a few hours for pickup. Hate to separate but will if you need. IMG_2407.JPG IMG_2412.JPG IMG_2419.JPG
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  2. Ernierocco


    Jun 11, 2013
    I love the way you take care of your rig!
  3. wswinsons

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    Jan 13, 2013
    Thanks!!! Maintenance goes a long way!!!