SOLD Pristine Musicman Sterling 4H, Honeybust and Maple.

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    I recently acquired this bass in a trade. I really like it, but I have been something of a Musicman Sterling collector recently and I'm beginning to think that perhaps I don't need four of the exact same type of bass for the kind of playing that I do these days. So, I'm offering up this gorgeous Musicman Sterling 4H, made on March 1st, 2007 according to Ernie Ball's customer service department. It weighs in at around 9.5 pounds on my digital bathroom scale for whatever that's worth. It certainly looks to be in pristine condition and I recently had it professionally set up with a new set of Ernie Ball Extra Slinkies.

    I'm looking for $1300 shipped to the continental US. The bass includes a Musicman hard case and Dunlop Straplocks.

    No trades.

    New Sterling 4H front.jpeg
    New Sterling 4H Back.jpeg
    New Sterling 4H back of neck.jpeg
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    Wow... and I do mean WOW
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    And SOLD!
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