Pro-grade ironing board F/S, and yes - you read that correctly...

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  1. Posting this on behalf of my fiance, who is offering a New-In-Box Rowenta professional-grade ironing board (yes, there are such things - she's a semi-pro seamstress and does up costuming for Renaissance Faires). She ordered just one, but weirdness occured and two were shipped and the company refused to issue a call-tag for the dupe...don't ask, it's complicated. Suffice it to say that she has an un-needed extra, and just wants to recover what it cost her.

    The working surface is 18.5W (minus the front tapered area) x 49.25L inches; height adjusts from 24.5 to 38.75 inches, with steps about every two inches or so, and flattens down to just under 4 inches thick; the grey tray is a hot-iron cradle and has a fold-out bar for hangers, etc; there is also an under-board rack for holding...stuff; a seriously stable base and easy-to-use locking height-adjust system are also present.


    As mentioned, this is an NIB, still-factory-sealed item - the one pictured is her personal board and used for illustration. Box dimensions are 68.75 x 20.0 x 3.85 inches and weighs just over 30 lbs. (one reason why it's so stable) on the bathroom scale. Now, given the size and weight, shipping costs are gonna vary depending on where it goes, but I can almost guarantee that it WILL qualify as an over-sized package by any carrier. Given that, it would be nice (for both you and us) if the deal is local-ish to the central San Joaquin Valley area and we could work out an in-person arrangement, but if you live beyond that and want it, PM me a shipping address and I'll get quotes from UPS, USPS, and/or Fed-Ex.

    $130.00 plus transport costs; PayPal, USPS money order, or cash if local, and sorry - no trades on this one.

    As always, thanks for shopping!
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    What wood is the board made of?
    More importantly, how does it sound?
  4. Unfortunately sound-wise, it doesn't hold the low-end well at all, most likely due to the hot-iron cradle being grey - as we all know, a candy-apple-red hot-iron cradle thumps all the way to next week (just listen to Primus for verification). The grey, however, does allow for that oh-so-special inverse acoustic negative under-drive if you had to ask...

    Good question on the wood - it is pristine and oh-so-hard-to-source Venusian 3.14159-ply tonewood, lovingly harvested by unemployed virgin thumbsuckers, one at a time (the thumbs, not the plys).

    But seriously folks, this IS a real board and a real offer is spite of the above silliness, and thanks to Jazz Ad for setting me up so well, and the encouragement of the board's owner who egg'd me on in this...and apologies to Primus for dragging them into the silliness...