Pro heads that can handle international voltages

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by nil, Aug 20, 2001.

  1. nil

    nil Guest

    Apr 6, 2000
    Auckland, New Zealand
    My V4 packed a sad on Friday night, and while it's going in to be fixed, i've realised it really is not powerful enough.

    So, the quest for the "perfect" head starts (again)...

    Since New Zealand has a pretty lousy selection of anything musical, I generally need to look off-shore for what I need (mainly the USA). NZ runs 240v mains, so I either need to change the power tranny/use a stepdown, or find an amp that has a switching power supply.

    What heads are out there that can handle 240v power? I'm aiming for something tube, warm and loud...SVT/V4-like. Eden? Aguilar?

    Failing that, does anyone have an SVT or Eden WT400 for sale? :D I have a vintage V4B to trade! ;)
  2. modulusbassist

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    Aug 19, 2001
    Henderson, Nevada
    Why don't you look at Australia? I bet that there are dealers there that are more than happy to mail order for you. Or Singapore got great selection too.
  3. nil

    nil Guest

    Apr 6, 2000
    Auckland, New Zealand
    From experience, Singapore has a lousy selection too (although it's been over 3 years since I went there last).

    I've found that Oz has prices about as useless as NZ, due to the exchange rate and (mostly) a combination of the fact that 240v models are usually "specials" and that freight to the arse-end of the world costs an arm and a leg.

    It always seems cheaper to pick up a used (or sometimes even new) 110v item from the US ship it to NZ and have it converted, than to buy it new here (used is never an option, there just isn't the market). Warrantys don't factor into it for me, just the right gear.

    I'm leaning towards an Eden...they apparently can handle intl voltages. How much would a used WT400 set me back? Is there much difference (volume/power-wise) to the WT300?
  4. modulusbassist

    modulusbassist Guest

    Aug 19, 2001
    Henderson, Nevada
    Yes, the Eden WT-400 handles both voltage and I recommend the WT-400 because the WT-300 features auto compression, although hardly noticeable, I still would like the flexiblity of switching it off, as you are able to do with the WT-400 but not ont he WT-300. Go for the WT-400 for a couple of hundred dollars more.

    Great amps by the way, but I still prefer solid state, less hassle and I think you can bash it around more, well it's just my opinion. For sure the best head for me is Glockenklang, but too much dollars, may be someday.
  5. modulusbassist

    modulusbassist Guest

    Aug 19, 2001
    Henderson, Nevada
    Oh by the way, EDEN WT-400 with discount is $850, check out, that's where I get my gear and they do international shipping, great selection, price and people.
  6. jbass27

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    May 4, 2001
    St. Louis, MO
    Without talking to a tech at Ampeg, (I know Obed the designer of a lot of the Ampeg/Crate amps) I'm about 95% sure that Ampeg stuff will do internatinal voltages, with a different power cable and a new fuse.
  7. check out

    or email [email protected]

    they could probably help you out. it is a lot of technical stuff I dont really understand but I think they may have what you are looking for. They arent heads though but their stuff helps with different voltages ...
  8. nil

    nil Guest

    Apr 6, 2000
    Auckland, New Zealand
    Sorry dude, but i'm 100% sure that Ampeg stuff doesn't do int'l voltages...that's why it takes forever to get an export order from them. The back of Ampegs usually mentions 2 fuse ratings, one for 110v and one for 240v, but that's just a generic screening - it's all about the power transformer. Having said that, there are some international (touring?) versions of vintage Ampegs - i've got a 70's V4 with a dual voltage selector.
    Unfortunately sometimes the cost of replacing said transformer is too stupid (if you can find one with the correct output, etc)...and stepdown transformers get mighty big and heavy!
    I actually recently ended up getting an Eden WT800, which kills many birds for me. It's damn surprising that there aren't that many amps out there with dual voltage...
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    Feb 21, 2001
    Colorado Springs, CO
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    Walter Woods:D
  10. I sort of went down this route when I thought about importing an Ampeg from the States to save some dosh.

    I made many phone calls but found it quite difficult to get firm answers. No-one seemed very keen to help.
    I ended up talking to a chap who sounded like a one man show, who basically said he could sort it for me once I got the amp to Britain. (by changing the no. of windings on the transformer if necessary)

    When I weighed it up and took into consideration the import duties etc. I decided it wasn't worth it and bottled out.

    I did end up importing a 2nd hand head - 'Pearce B2p' - dual channel - runs 300w stereo/600w mono - solid state. I've had it a couple of years now and am really happy with it, but I'm afraid they don't make them anymore! The supplier switched it to our voltage by changing over the fuses and switching it inside.

    Best of luck!
  11. phil_chew

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    Mar 22, 2000