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Problem Bassballs

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Drake, Sep 25, 2001.

  1. My balls have been having a problem :(

    When I plug in it work fine in bypass mode... but then when I push the button no sound comes out.... then when i kick it around a bit it works a little... then it gets really fuzzy and distorted like my bass battery is running out.... so I take the balls out of the loop.... bass works fine.... change the battery in the balls.... not much change, but the fuzz is gone.... now it just won't turn on properly and the sensitivity is weird... as in if you turn it up too high it disappears and has no effect....

    It is a russian model... and it has not been abused at all.... just played occasionally... it is about 10 months old....

    Any ideas????


  2. My guess, loose wire on one or more points Check the jacks to see if there are obviously broken connections. Beyond that you may have a "cold solder joint" intermittently failing connection of any piece in the circut. If its under warranty bring it back. If you like messing with circuts break out the multimeter and start testing. If you don't I am sure that someone here can recomend a good tech. Or check with a local store. I like using small stores for this type of repair. They usually have access to a local guy that does this sort of thing in spare time. Places like Mars or GC don't usually mess with this sort of stuff. The local guy may take a few days but they can be very cheap. I thought I blew a whole channel in my power amp once, took it to a local and he replaced a switch for $25. Had a problem a few months later, unrelated, but he fixed it under warranty. Best of luck. If you can't find any one send it to me and I will mess with it. No promises of it working any better or worse when I am done. :)
  3. Sounds like you've got the Bassballs Blues.
  4. Yeah but they work when he kicks them around a bit
  5. isn't that the other way around.:D
  6. I get a little self conscious when trying to play with my balls in front of people.... If they don't function correctly I look stupid...

    Thanks for the help GK... I will get my old man to look at it... he is the one who is the electronics genius of the family... I am the science guy........

    (no dad playing with balls jokes hehe)

    ...well if you really want to I guess...



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