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problem w/ my A string

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by nate22, May 17, 2004.

  1. nate22


    May 5, 2004
    Hey guys and gals...I have a 5 string..just had my local Sam Ashe guitar tech adjust my setup...intonation was off because of a switch in string gauge...... I just noticed that my open A string is ringing on the frets when i pluck strong. None of the other strings are doing it though..what do I need to do? Sorry for the n00bish question..I'm just learning the little things :)
  2. Nate,

    Since none of the other open strings are buzzing after your recent setup, I think your A-string saddle height adjustment is just a bit too low for your particular playing style. Your setup guy might have used a lighter touch when setting the action, or sometimes it's just a matter of the strings settlin' in as they stretch.

    You could try raising the A saddle just a pinch. Probably no more than a quarter turn or so. Retune the string, test. Keep track of how far you've moved the adjustment screws. You can always put it back exactly where it was if you don't have any success. If the small upward adjustment works, you can also experiment with lowering it just a pinch to see how low you can get it without experiencing the buzz.

    Will this affect the rest of your action? Well.. that depends upon how high you end up raising the A string. If you have to go up far enough where you really start to notice, there may be another problem like a nut slot that's filed too deep, or maybe a low/high fret somewhere. Probably just needs the saddle adjust..
    Hope this helps..

  3. I've had this problem too . What I did was put the string in the tuner in a way that the angle against the nut was bigger. I wound the strings downwards on the tuner .This is when putting the new string I start from the top and end at the bottom .
  4. Not a big thing just raise it 'til the buzzing/ringing stops.

    Let us know how this works, if it doesn't get back to us, I know of a couple other things to try!