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Problem with 2 of my effects pedals

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by romac, Apr 16, 2005.

  1. Some background information: Pretty much exactly a year ago I ordered a few pedals from music123.com to be sent to the UAE (where I live). Due to shipping costs I ordered them all together and bought about 1 every 2 months from my parents. The last 2 that I got are the DOD 25B envelope filter and the Digitech Bass Chorus. These are the two pedals where the problems lie. Both have the same problem.

    The problem: When I play through each pedal (one at a time or both), I have to pluck the string really hard (and I mean really hard), turn my 15W bass amp up full and turn the level up on the pedal itself, all just to get a bit of the effect heard. To play normally through the pedal you can't heard a thing. It's the same sound you get if you're playing acoustically - basically nothing.

    Now this doesn't happen with my Dunlop Bass Wah Wah pedal, Sansamp Driver DI or Digitech Bass Driver. What could be the problem? These were the last 2 pedals that I got, surely it cant be to do with "over-storage" in a warm enviroment. Now I can't ship them back as I've had them nearly a year! And in total they costed $130 so I really want/need them to work.

    Extra info:
    I have a Yamaha RXB 774 bass - it has a active/passive switch - I've tried using both with the pedals, there's no difference. I don't think it's truly active as it only has a volume and tone knob and there's very minimal difference when I flick the switch.
    I have a Behringer 15W practice amp and 160W Laney amp, these 2 pedals both "work" the same through both amps.
    The red lights on the pedals light up and I use a PowerAll power supply.

    So does anyone have any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance
  2. This might sound really obvious and stupidifying (and i apologize) but do you have them connected properly? Inputs and outputs and so on? It sounds like a problem you'd have if you'd connected them "backwards"...I'm sure you haven't done that but just in case...
  3. I've found that even though you ARE using a power supply, at the light is on, the effect won't work due to some sort of mis-match that I'm unaware of. Try both pedals seperately without the power supply, with frest 9vs in them.
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    I'd blame a jack cable.
  5. My brother got the DOD fx25b envelope filter and has the same problem..I just dont think it handles the bass coming thru it as well as it should...if u pluck it hard, it sounds great, but its something i feel shouldnt happen...I am thinking of having him put it in a loop with a mxr micro amp jsut to boost the signal level going into it so the effect comes thru w/o extra hard plucking
  6. Nocturnal

    Nocturnal Abuser of Thunderbird Shaped Objects. Supporting Member

    Jul 31, 2002
    Chandler, Arizona
    I recently had this same problem with a Snarling Dogs pedal. Everything looked like it should be working (led's on, all cables correct, etc) but you could hardly get any sound out of it.

    An electronics tech/friend at work opened it up and found a wire on one of the control pots had come mostly loose. After he resoldered it everything worked great! Might be something like that in yours. If you or someone you know is familiar enough with electronics, open it up and have a look.

    You might also want to email tech support at DOD and see if they have any info/advice. Snarling Dogs tech responded quickly to my email with a few suggestions. Good luck!
  7. xan


    Sep 10, 2004
    Perth, Australia
    when i got the fx25b recently i thought there was a problem with the volume/effect level coming through. after playing with the blend and sensitivity though it got better.
  8. Thanks for the help everyone. I've tried putting batteries in both but same problem. I'll ask a few friends if they are good with electronics and try that suggestions.

    I'll keep you updated.
  9. I recently got a MXR Phase 90 (EVH) pedal from the US. When I plugged ito my practice amp (a Fender Bassman 25 with a 10" speaker), I couldnt notice any tone change between when the pedal was on and when it was off. I tried different basses, cables, batteries, power supplies, THE LOT! I was peaking, because I didnt want to have to send it back and wait for another one to arrive. I thought maybe I just couldnt get it to work with bass (even though every other Phase 90 I have had works fine with bass). So I took it along to our gig for our guitatrist to plug into and test.

    While I was waiting for him to arrive, I hooked it into my pedalboard and plugged into my amp (Ashdown ABM500 with a Sovtek 410 and Hatke VX115). IT WORKED SWEET! So much space and sound!. I figured the reason why this worked was my rig, as there is so much more speaker area on my rig than on my Bassman 25. Perhaps this is why your chorus does not appear to work, as modulation effects might need more surface area to produce an effect (I could always get my Sansamp, Crybaby wah and distortions to work fine on my practice amp).

    Just my $0.02 worth.

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