Problem with Crybaby Bass Wah 105Q

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  1. Hey everyone. First up I'll admit I've posted on MXR website and asked their opinion, but I'm interested to see if anyone else has struck this issue and fixed it somehow?

    So the issue I have is when my pedal returns to the resting position, the wah either doesn't disengage straight away, sometimes not at all. I need to press down on the heel of the pedal to turn it off. I'm aware there is an internal wheel that controls the delay of the pedal disengaging, but this is turned all the way off and the problem still persists.

    I think the issue is due to the little switch underneath the heel of the foot pedal. When the pedal sits in the resting position a small rubber stopper pushes down on the switch, disengaging the effect. When I look at mine the little switch doesn't seem to stick up far enough to be depressed to turn the effect off.

    Has anyone struck this ever and fixed it themself? My unit is well out of warranty.
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    IDK about your problem, but a few years ago I had an earlier generation 105Q bought used that developed a high pitch squeal. Dunlop said they would fix it for $50. They couldn’t repair it so my $50 got me a brand new latest edition.

    Have you tried looking inside to see how the switch is mounted? I’d guess there is an adjustment for height, but I’m assuming.
  3. The switch is mounted on top of the circuit board that obscures being able to see if there is any adjustment to the switch height, and I'm not confident to unscrew it from the chassis as I am a bit if a spud when it comes to such things...but if someone could confirm it can be adjusted I'll give it a crack