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Problem with Heritage-Help!

Discussion in 'Strings [DB]' started by panos, Dec 18, 2005.

  1. There is about a week i received a new set of Heritage bought from Lemurmusic.
    The upper edges of the strings before the peg end, have rings marked with the colors as below:

    G- something like light pink
    D- yellow
    A- blue
    E- black

    The peg end color is purple and the ball end is purple-white spiral.
    After the installation the strings had a strange feel to my hands. The G and D were low tension (i think this is normal), the E was more floppy relative to G and D, and the A string gave me the feel of a high tension string, very stiff also.

    After a few days playing, the A string remained like that, and many notes played on this string heard like they were muted.
    I decided to measure the gauges with a micrometer, the results are:

    G .053, D .068, A .107, E .109

    I realised that the A string is constructed like the E string. I think that it shouldn't be like this, because i took a look at the thread "String Gauges/Diameters" and i saw that Jim Calhoun gives .086 for the A string.

    Please, if someone uses the Heritage, can verify the A string gauge?
    If the string is not defective, what else could be?
    If there is any mistake in the shipment, or this string is defective, can you advise me what to do?
  2. I suggest you contact Barrie Kolstein to get the best help for your Heritage strings.
  3. francois,
    thanks for helping, i'll do like this and keep you update.