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Problem with Sansamp PBDR?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Collin James, Jan 9, 2016.

  1. Collin James

    Collin James

    Jan 9, 2016
    I just got a Sansamp PBDR used from a friend of mine. He said he purchased it new and it only ever spent time stuck to his board, and the cosmetic condition of it represents that. However, upon plugging it in to test it out (I had him ship it to me, he lives a few states away), I noticed a peculiar problem. It seems that all of the knobs behave and appropriately (the LED blinking slower as you turn it further away from its original position) except for the drive knob. When I turn it, the LED doesn't reflect the change, nor does the tone. The only for any sort of change to occur, I have to dial the knob down to 0, then the LED will begin to blink. When I then turn the drive knob back up, the LED continues to blink at the same pace, but the drive amount essentially goes from 0 to 10, the moment I turn the knob from the 0 position. There is no levels in between, just all or nothing.

    I've never had a problem with a sansamp product before. For a long time, I borrowed the standard Sansamp Bass Driver DI from the church I play bass at to use for playing in my own band. I had wanted to get my own and my friend was selling the PBDR for $100 and I just thought it was a steal of a deal, and perhaps it was too good to be true.

    I've scoured the Internet searching for an answer. I've Googled and YouTubed and searched this forum to no avail. I have not been able to find an answer to this unusual problem. If anyone out there has any idea what this is, I'd greatly appreciate the help!

  2. The only thing I can think of is: did you try this with the "Level" knob down? I used to own one of those and I always kept the Level at around 8-9 o'clock because the pedal was pretty loud.

    Otherwise it sounds like something's wrong. On the "Programmable" version of the SansAmp, all the knobs save digital settings (even though your signal path is analog). So it sounds like maybe the potentiometer or some component in the drive knob has gone bad. Did your friend experience this same issue?

    Maybe you could try to reset the unit to factory settings: Hold down the footswitches for Channels 1 and 3 while simultaneously applying power (either plugging in an adapter or, if a battery is installed, plugging in your guitar cable). Then release the switches.
  3. tech21nyc

    tech21nyc Commercial User

    Aug 17, 2010
    Manufacturer: Tech 21
    On the Bass Driver Programmable there is a "Lazy Pot" feature on both the Level and Drive controls. When the controls are first "unlocked" from a preset they will ramp up slowly vs instantaneously to the new position. This is a safety feature so you don't inadvertently have your level set very low and suddenly it's maxed.
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  4. yeah, but OP seems to be complaining it is all on at max but all off at any other position.
  5. tech21nyc

    tech21nyc Commercial User

    Aug 17, 2010
    Manufacturer: Tech 21
    I guess I misunderstood the wording of the post. Since this is an older unit it's possible that the Drive pot is dirty. There are four screws holding the side panel on the side of the Drive pot. You should be able to access the Drive pot's opening. Use DeOxit to spray into the opening of the pot and then work the pot back and forth a few times. Reassemble the unit and then try a Global reset:

    If this doesn't fix the issue it will need to be sent in for a repair. Please contact our tech support department for a return authorization before sending it in.

    Tech 21 USA, Inc.
    Tel: 973-777-6996
    Fax: 973-777-9899
    email: [email protected]
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