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Problem with TI Jazz Rounds: D and G sound like rubber bands again.

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by Rockin John, Dec 28, 2003.

  1. Good evening folks. Happy Christmas all?

    Anyway. I wonder if this might best be directed to Thomguy (but haven't heard him around lately). Once again my D and G sound dull and lifeless: like rubber bands. They've been on the bass about 8 months.

    When I had this problem with my old Bass Collection bass I thought it was the instrument. But now I'm certain it's the strings.

    Whilst I've not changed the strings to prove it, I do wonder if TI Jazz Rounds suffer from premature aging, as compared to A & E (&B in this case).

    I feel I can't go on replacing D and G on TIs and am starting to wonder whether I should forsake the brand altogether and go back to some other brand.

    If Thomguy's around for this one.........


  2. I haven't found many brands of strings that sound particularly good at eight months old.
  3. Thomguy


    Oct 15, 2001
    New York, USA
    Thanks, Peter McFerrin and some would think this right off the bat but, as many players already know T-I strings can last significantly longer than 8 months!

    However, mileage varies and your post says “again” so this is leading me to believe that about 8 mos. may be the amount of time that YOU get from the JR series based on the personal factors that apply to string life. That being said, do you get more than 8 months from other brands? Make sure you keep things constant in your comparison such as round wound, pure nickel, 34” scale. If all things are equal and brand X strings last you longer than 8 months, then by all means use those.

    Please keep in mind, however (I’m surprised at how many players miss this) that if brand X costs you exactly half (or more) than your T-I set and but lasts half the time (or less) than the T-I’s are NOT expensive.

    Usually, with T-I’s, all the strings will go dead at or around the same time so your case about only the D&G going dull before the A&E is a bit odd. Is there anything unusual about how they’re string up compared to the other 2 strings: Do all 4 strings have the green silk wrap around the tuning pegs? Also, at the bridge, is there noticeably more (or any) separation between windings on the D&G strings?

    My best,
    Kevin Reynolds

    PS: The reason I have not been around lately is that I have been running the sales efforts for the importer’s recently acquired affiliated wholesale outfit and so I am technically no longer the US rep for the manufacturer. Plus, there’s not enough time in the day to do both! I am training another “Thomguy” to help with techie stuff and he should be joining the fray soon and be around from time to time. But, I’ll also keep my promise to not use this forum as a means of commercial gain and now since I’m closer to the retail end of things, I feel that the conflict is a bit closer to the surface.
  4. Hello, folks, and thanks.

    Perhaps a bit more explanation is nesc. I agree, 8 months is a long time. But...I gig about twice per year, I reherse once every 2 weeks (average) and for about 2 hours / session maximum, my private practice is about 15 mins per day 3 to 4 days per week. IOW, the strings ain't exactly hammered:eek: It's my hobby: I earn nothing from playing.

    I don't use other brands now, Kevin. Since I discovered TI about 18 months ago I've used nothing else. (Been back into bass for about 3yrs, now, after 25 years off!!)Love the tone, the feel, etc. Have Jazz flats on the Yammy fretless 4, and rounds on the Yammy fretted 5er.

    BTW, the silks are just fine; there's no separation @ bridge.

    I am comparing what happened to the TIs on another bass (Bass Collection) to what's happened to the same 2 strings on the Yammy. It was a fresh set that went on the Yammy.

    If I earned from playing I'd probably just go out and buy another set. But I don't so the pennies have to be watched, and a full set will cost me about £35. With that in mind I floated the original question. Perhaps I could really do with just replacing D & G to see if the problem would be solved. But you can't walk into any local shops to buy TIs. I've enquired of my online supplier where I buy your strings: he could not answer whether or not singles were available. IOW, I'm snookered unless I fork out for a full set.

    Dunno what you make of all that, but.....


  5. rickbass

    rickbass Supporting Member

    ...goddam, I love steel DR's!!!!
  6. Rick......

    How's business?

    Not quite the same, but I tried Roto Stainless steels some while back. They were like hawsers. I hated them, frankly. The TIs are so supple. Perhaps what's happening is just a thing about light guages?

  7. rickbass

    rickbass Supporting Member

    So many bassists can't take the "rawness" (in tems of "feel") of Rotos.
    But DR's are about as sublime as I've experienced in terms of "feel" without sacrificing any raw edge, tonally. They're a bit "more kind" to your fingers but still remain a "goddam MAN'S STRANG, SUMBITCH!!!!"

    It does sound as if you're not getting the response out of your strings, to which, you are accustomed. So, what do you do? - Turn up the amp/bass and/or play with a harder attack??? I doubt you care to do either.

    My only suggestion is to get a string with lots of iron - like DR's. Even though they're a US product, I would expect your distributor to take back a set that you said, "Sucked." That's the kind of company DR is.
  8. Thomguy


    Oct 15, 2001
    New York, USA
    I was gonna mention the light gauges and this could be the thing: They just don't last as long since there's less inertia thus a longer period of vibration, thus less voice when compared with others: Could be...

    Also, where did you get them? It is possible that the retailer had sat on them for some time but then again, you seem to have a nice, reliable source for the product since you like them.

    Hmmm, I'll look around some of my older data and see if anything matches, such as the instrument, etc. and post here.

    Thanks for your kind words ad I'm glad you like your T-I's!

    My best,
  9. Got them from UK online distributor, Strings Direct. Doubtless there are others but, at the time, they were the only one I could find doing TIs.

    Frankly, Kevin, TI strings just don't seem to be around in the 'provinces'. OK, lil ole Nottingham isn't exactly a backwater, but neither is it the hub of the musical universe. Local dealers don't seem to keep 'em. That's probably because they all plump for the regular brands. Shame because local players perhaps don't get to use a top-line string. Unless they did what I did, of course.....

    Rick, I hear you shoutin' at me. :D Certinly not against trying DRs and may well do. Thing is, I'm a fraction worried about getting used to the feel of my TIs then having to get used to the feel of another make / guage and having to fiddle with the truss and set up to suit. Still, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Yes, I'll give em a go someday. BTW, old mate, that expression of yours:-

    "...goddam MAN'S STRANG, SUMBITCH!!!!"

    is absolutely superb. Brilliant. I genuinely love it.

    Look forward to whatever you come up with, Kevin.

    Until that, gentlemen, I take the opportunity to wish you - and everyone at TB - a superb New Year.

    Take care.

  10. PS, M' Man......

    What's the latest on the custom?

  11. rickbass

    rickbass Supporting Member

    C'mon man! It's a blaster's strang!

    Plus, being in Nottingham, you got that whole legend to live up to -

    "Robin Hood, Robin Hood,
    Riding through the glen.
    Robin Hood, Robin Hood,
    With his merry band of men

    Feared by the bad,
    Loved by the good,
    Robin Hooo-oood, Robin Hooo-oood
    With his package showing through
    green tights for Maid Marian got Robin-screwed"

    Well, I made up the last line
  12. Thomguy


    Oct 15, 2001
    New York, USA

    I really have not come up with much here. The only common thread is that they could have been older inventory but based on how you got 'em, this seems unlikely. I'd replace your set if you were in the US but I can't send strings anywhere outside the states.

    I have emailed T-I H.Q. telling them to expect an email from you soon. I suggest contacting: amon@thomastik-infeld.com and let them know of your experience. Both with the possible defect as well as the scarcity of the strangs.

    Happy New Year and kind regards,

  13. Thanks Kevin.

    I've mailed to the link + I've sent a mail of this thread to H Office.

    I'll wait for a day or so then recontact you if there's no reply.


  14. secretdonkey


    Oct 9, 2002
    Austin, TX
    I bought a bass from a fellow TBer awhile back that came to me with TI Jazz Rounds. I welcomed the chance to try out the strings, since I'd heard a lot of good things about them. Interestingly, the A string seemed to suffer the same problem as is being described here. I don't know how long the TI set had been on the bass when I received it, but I did find it odd that one string felt and sounded noticeably different from the others.
  15. Tbass66


    Mar 15, 2002
    Maybe the bridge saddles and nut slots are cut to wide for the smaller TI strings causing dead sounding strings?
  16. tkarter


    Jan 1, 2003
    I found on my Fender Jazz that both G & D would go dull rather quickly no matter what strings I put on it.

    I decided to try something just a bit different and took the original strings and wound them from the bottom of the tuner up so there was much more tension on the button that provides the break. Have played now over a year with the same set of strings and not heard any dead out of them yet.