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problems with alternative tuning for 6 strings?

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by (hed)-less, Feb 2, 2005.

  1. hmm..i couldnt really think of which forum to stick a tuning question in :S ...sorry if annoyed anyone by putting this here...

    anyways..i have a minor problem due to my band with tuning. in my band we tune down pretty low to Bb due to our style (metal).

    i play an ibanez btb 406qm six string (so i only have to tune down half a step), while my guitarist instead of opting for a 7 string guitar for the added low B prefers to stick to a standard 6 string and just tune down from E to Bb.

    my query is thus: ive always tuned my bass to Bb Eb Ab Db F Bb - which to honest at times is a real pain in the ass and pretty lousey. ive just always tuned this way as its how my guitarist does. but recently ive just been thinking as yes, with guitar it makes sence for certain chords etc, but with bass technique it would make my life alot easier if i could slap and pop on the two highest strings with the normal internal for an octave without having to adjust. (ie, where a guitar is E A D G B E, and a six string bass would NORMALLY be tuned to B E A D G C im sort of stuck with tuning like a guitart). i can live losing my low B for lower octave work....so i dont mind having Bb as the equililant to an E now...but it does get kind of annoying having my two highest strings as F and Bb when i would prefer them to be F# and a B :p.

    not just to be difficult but 1 i dont like the string tension for them as they feely too floppy, theres no need for them to be tuned like that as i dont strum big chords across all strings like a guitar, and id prefer my normal scales and intervals to remain unchanged. eg - i want to make my bass more like a bass with 2 added strings than like a over grown guitar :p

    does any of this make any sence or am i just whinging for the sake of it? ...i was just wondering what anyone elses thoughts/feelings/experience would be on this subject of tuning.

    would it make that much a difference to my playing style or should i just adjust and get used to having the intervals different on the top two strings and live with it? or should i just go for it and tune differently to my guitarist because it doesnt really matter as long as im hitting the right notes..right?
  2. aye, good point..that would be a decent alternative also...cheers for the input...only thing is we have alot of open 'chug' riffs but i suppose it would make things interesting if anything to move all the bass lines around :p ..i might just give that a go :bassist: