Problems with my new bass.

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  1. I finally got my Ibanez BTB1005 setup like I like. There is however one problem I have run into. The 16th fret on the D string is dead. It appears the string touches the 17th fret when fretted at the 16th, and it just makes a loud "BOINK" sound when you hit it.

    I have the action set where I like it so I am unwilling to adjust it. I called Guitar Center and they said they will take a look at it. Should I exchange it for a new one or let them see if they can do a fret job on it? I still have a couple of weeks to exchange it if necessary.

  2. just a high fret at thr 17th, not a big deal at all, they can fix it in a second or so


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    It might be a high fret as tallguybcs said or it might be your string height. Dont worry about it changing your string height, but you might raise your d string a LITTLE bit and it will fix it. My Jazz Bass had the same prob when I bought it, because GC doesn't set anything up when they get it. I'd try that before spending any money.
  4. It was a high fret problem. I took it back to have the Guitar Center fix it and they said they would just order me a new one. I hope the new one has the same quality of flame maple as the other.
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    That's the problem with these big chains. A minor problem like a high fret & they're gonna replace it. I hope the new one you get plays as nice as the one you're giving back. It's a shame that these multi million dollar corps don't have a qualified guitar tech on premises. :( It'll take a good tech less than 10 min to fix that problem.