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Problems with my warwick streamer lx

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Zenderquai, Apr 1, 2005.

  1. Hey guys,

    I recently picked up a '04 streamer lx, and all was well, i recently re strung the bass with d'addrio super soft guage strings, and from out of no where 2 days later i get this irremovable fret buzz on the 6th fret of my E string, i have adjusted the bridge and the nut, and to no avail, im a complete novice when it comes to truss rod adjustments, and really don't want to venture down that road, but i have a niggling feeling i'm going to have to take it too soundcontrol to have it looked at.

    any suggestions out there at all? it was perfectly fine, before the string change,

    Thanks in advance.

  2. hehe no replies!

    well sorry for the alarm, but its all been fixed, after being certain it was the nut giving me all the grief, i took it off an examined the alan screw pegs *adjustable warwick nut* and low and behold the EA side was about a 1mm lower than the DG side meaning there was a tiny lean downwards on the E and A strings. so its all fixed thank god.

    sorry again!

  3. Sorry to hear that.
    I live in Thailand and all the Warwicks I owned has the neck trouble. I also heard from other players here that they have the same trouble as me too. I don't hear much from the guys in the US.
    In your case I think it was the twisted neck which you can find out by removing the strings off the fret board and see from the horizing line.
    I replaced 3rd neck with my Thumb BO 6 because of that and Warwick did a good warranty for that even it was a 2nd year.
    Yours is new so try to call them in Germany and see how they will help you.
    Good luck :cool: