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Problems with Pots

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by isher1992, Mar 29, 2014.

  1. I'm working on a bass that has the electronics routed through the body, and the pots in it have a bushing that's 10mm long, and an overall shaft length of 20mm. I'm thinking of adding a control plate to it as well, which means I need even more bushing length, probably 15 or 20mm.

    I was hoping for 4 1M Audio taper smooth/plain shaft pots and a rotary switch either from Alpha or CTS (Maybe Bourns, but I don't like how loose they feel). I searched through Mouser, DigiKey, Small Bear, Allparts, Guitarelectronics.com, Guitar Nucleus, GuitarFetish, and not a single one has a pot that would fit.

    I looked at Alpha and CTS for custom applications, but knowing those companies and from what I gather on their site, they probably wouldn't deal without dealing in bulk (or at least it would be an outrageous price for just 4 and a rotary switch). Any suggestions on how else I could approach a solution?
  2. Crack out a dremel and thin the body wood a bit?

    You can also get pots with really long plastic shafts that you cut down, but it's not a route I'd take for a bass.

  3. It's already been thinned down quite a bit.

    The shaft isn't so much the issue as it is the bushing length. If there's not enough threaded length, there's no way to get a nut on it from the other side.
  4. CTS long shaft pots (typically used on Les Paul's) have a 3/4 inch (~19mm) bushing, though I've only seen those up to 500k.

    No way to thin it down more? I'm not sure what kind of control plate you're using, just as they are typically only a few mm thick.
  5. OLP/Musicman style. I may just have to crack out the Dremel and do some more thinning.