Problems with Wireless Headphones

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    Oct 31, 2002
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    Hello All...

    My beloved wife was nice enough to give me a set of Sennheiser RS120 wireless headphones for Christmas. I practice almost exclusively with headphones, usually through a Johnson J-Station or a Tascam BT1MKII bass trainer. I've been using a set of cheap $20 Sony headphones, and while they have always sounded pretty good, the cord can be bothersome...thus my request for the Sennheiser's.

    I tried my Sennheisers tonight and they sounded like crap. My bass was totally distorted and despite my "fiddling" I couldn't get a clean sound. I tried both the J-Station and the Tascam with the same results. I even tried my Roland Cube 30 that has a headphone jack...same thing. I also noticed that there seems to be some sort of volume filter that kicks in when I turn them up too loud.

    Has anyone else had any issues with wireless headphones? Any suggestions for resolving this issue? Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!