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Prochownik Bows?

Discussion in 'Bows and Rosin [DB]' started by David Kaczorowski, Oct 10, 2000.

  1. Anyone ever play one? Please relate your experience.
  2. David, I have owned my Prochownik for about a year now and am very pleased. My bow previous to this was a Reid Hudson. I found my Prochownik to be a little lighter than my Hudson. My Prochownik definately excels in spiccato playing. Prochownik sent me a few bows to try here in Montreal. After I decided on the bow I wanted the remaining bows were tried by some other bassists in town and were bought within two weeks! The price is definately right as well. I think Rob W also uses a Prochownik and he does alot more orchestral playing than I do. He can probably give you a response with more specifics.
  3. Yes, I really love the sound of my Prochownik french bow. I also have a very excellent Reid Hudson which I keep pulling out from time to time, but I usually break down and switch back to the Prochownik within a few days. In fact, I just did that tonight. I had been using my Hudson for a few days at work (Opera Hamilton's current production of Madame Butterfly), but I just find it a little brighter sounding than my Prochownik which has a very strong and rich tone.

    To be honest, my Hudson has a slightly better feel and the workmanship is a little nicer, but tone is my main priority and the Prochownik seems much more to my liking. Certainly I would encourage you to try some Prochowniks out, especially since they are literally half the price of a Hudson or many other makers. The other good thing about Prochownik is that he usually brings all his bows to work in the Winnipeg Symphony where he and his colleagues try them out before he sells them.

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