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  1. Stumbo

    Stumbo Guest

    Feb 11, 2008
    Have you bought or seen a product that seems oversold or makes claims (advertised on TV or some informercial) that seem ridiculous and later found out that the product really works.

    I saw this product on late night cable:

    My wife later bought one at the Bed, Bath and Beyond store to see if it could help my feet due to me wearing flip flops all the time.

    Yep, works like a charm.

    I also saw these at Home Depot.
    Bought a set of them on impulse. Now I always have them on hand whenever working around the house.

    What's your story?
  2. Passinwind

    Passinwind I know nothing.

    We have one of those Little Giant ladders at the club I mix in. Probably not worth the money to me for use at home, but well worth it IMO for many applications.
  3. ROON

    ROON Guest

    Aug 5, 2006
    Sydney, Australia
    Proactive V acne treatment.

    Yes yes, I know Jessica Simpson endorses it along with other crappy female artists, you all have permission to point and laugh at me for using it, withdraw my man-card, whatever. But it really, really works! You can see the difference in days.
  4. buzzbass


    Apr 23, 2003
    Tenn. & NJ
    The Meguires NXT line of Car Care products comes to mind, great stuff. And, funny as it sounds, Oxy Clean works like a champ.
  5. cheezewiz


    Mar 27, 2002
    Yep. My ex wife used to get that stuff, and it really worked well.
  6. Mark Wilson

    Mark Wilson Supporting Member

    Jan 12, 2005
    Toronto, Ontario
    Endorsing Artist: Elixir® Strings
    There are these stupid little blue spikey dryer balls.

    You put them in the dryer and they tumble around keeping the clothes separated.

    Turns out, they actually work!
  7. Horny Toad

    Horny Toad Guest

    Mar 4, 2005
  8. jazzy grille

    jazzy grille - Arrogant Bastard

    Aug 15, 2006
    Sarasota, Florida
    When I was in college I used a racquetball at the laundromat, it worked just as well... Even with a dryer STUFFED with 2 weeks worth of clothes..
  9. RandomEvent

    RandomEvent Guest

    Nov 10, 2007
    +1 on Meguiar's NXT stuff. Best car cleaning products IMO.
  10. peterbright


    Jan 23, 2007
    On The Bayou
    Use robogrip pliers (got them at Sears) & they are quite useful.
  11. I heard Therapeutic Mineral Ice advrtised on a late night radio show in the 70's. Couple years ago I saw some for sale at the pharmacy, got it fo a stiff shoulder, and now I swear by it. Beats Icy Hot and Ben-Gay all to hell.
  12. Fontaine


    Apr 27, 2006
    head on, applied directly to the forehead
    head on, applied directly to the forehead
    head on, applied directly to the forehead
    get head on, applied directly to the forehead

    does this crap work?
  13. Pilgrim

    Pilgrim Supporting Member

    Motsenbocker's Lift-Off #2.

    The spray can is available at most ACE Hardware stores. Amazing stuff for removing adhesives, oil and grease stains. We keep a can of it in the garage and another in the laundry room.

    Absolutely wonderful, handy stuff.
  14. Jeremy Crockett

    Jeremy Crockett Amiable Crank Inactive

    Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. They get darn near everything off of anything.
  15. Techmonkey

    Techmonkey Guest

    Sep 4, 2004
    Wales, UK
    wow, the last time I went to the USA was like 3 years ago and I flipped on the television no more than 4 times in total. and that advert still managed to burn itself onto my brain. :atoz:

    as for products that really work... walking socks (the ones with 2 layers to them), haven't had a blister since I started hiking in them.

    also, a *good* pair of earphones. literally made listening to my mp3 player tolerable for me!
  16. jazzy grille

    jazzy grille - Arrogant Bastard

    Aug 15, 2006
    Sarasota, Florida
    Big +1.

    The Magic Eraser single handedly got my deposit back on my first apartment.
  17. hbarcat

    hbarcat Supporting Member

    Aug 24, 2006
    Rochelle, Illinois
    Rain-X Water repellent for your car's windshield.

    That stuff is like magic.
  18. tplyons


    Apr 6, 2003
    Madison, NJ
    Ain't that the truth!
  19. Captain Chaos

    Captain Chaos

    Dec 27, 2005
    I always wanted to try Patch Perfect. My grass never looks good.
  20. Lalabadie

    Lalabadie Guest

    Jan 11, 2007
    The Magic Bullet. I use it often, with nice results and always the satisfying smell of hard-working electric motor (think old model railway).