Professional DB300 (Hybrid)

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  1. Hello again! I found this bass on Reverb. Used for 2900.00 plus shipping from a music store in TX. Anybody familiar with this bass that could give me some opinions on them?

    Thanks in advance!
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    "Professional" is not a brand name. What's the brand name?

    I would point out that the vast numbers of crummy instrument shaped objects from China on Ebay are all labeled as "PROFESSSIONAL!!!!"
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    I'd say that that could probably be a Christopher? Look at the hybrid model 'DB300' family (the last digit changes accordingly to the shape):

    Christopher string instruments

    I was interested in these a while ago, and when I asked the guy in the store told me ~2200€ for a new model of this range. So $2900 used seems a tad too high, but I have no idea what these cost in the USA.

    Oh, and since you asked opinions: the one I looked at was very nice. But I also touched the cheapest solid one of these:

    Gasparo Kontrabass

    - and instantly fell in love with that carved 'Bergamo' model. The price on that particular one in the store was ~2800€ tho, so a bit more. But man, that thing handled and played like a beauty...

    If I had chosen that day, it would have been the latter, definitely.

    Hope that helps,
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