Progressive sighting at GC!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Alex, Dec 15, 2007.

  1. I was at GC helping my g****rist choose a new amp since he knows nothing about gear when I passed by the bass section and say a Conklin GTBD-7! I haven't seen a 6er in that GC in over a year yet yesterday my eyes finally got to see a real live 7 string! Needless to say I rocked out on it (through the crappy GK/ampeg rig :meh:) for a good while.

    I did notice however, that (in typical GC retardation) the action on the bass was set up at all different heights, with action increasing from the F string which was buzzing (I fixed it a little) down to the B string which was really high.

    Still cool, though.

    Have any of you guys seen anything progressive at GC like ERBs or quality amps or basses like Bergantino and Sadowsky? My GC pretty much only has GK and Ampeg amps and Fender and Ibanez basses :meh:
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    Jan 1, 2007
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    Nothing wrong with G-K RB stuff and dont care for GC or more than 4 strings and yes I can play a 6 string but dont need 7.
  3. Well yeah GK and Ampeg stuff is OK but it's not the best....or near it.

    ....and I don't understand what you're saying about strings.
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    You acted as a gear adviser to your friend, which means you're the expert. So what were you doing at GC? You already know it's going to be a letdown right?
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    Some GC's have a sadowsky metro here and there, usually used though IME.

    They do not carry boutique amp stuff most of the time, again probably unless its used.
  6. Yeah but it was more of a general looking over what is out there for him since he's never looked at amps and I didn't want him to get scammed by some GC guy trying to get his commission. Plus I don't know any better places that sell guitar stuff. Any suggestions? I told him he should look at the Orange Rockerverb stuff but no one carries it. I think he's just getting a Fender 100w tube 212 combo which will do fine I guess.

    I had to talk him out of getting a 150w 412 stack. He was like "I just WANT IT!" :rolleyes:

    So I did do my job in a way.
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    Last year I went to the guitar center in Richmond, Virginia and they had a used Warrior 7 string AND a used Warrior 9 string. A guy traded BOTH for another bass. I stopped by the same Guitar Center about three weeks ago and they had a used Anastasia (SP) 7 string for $2500. The action was too high and it was a chore to play.

    Most of the stuff I have seen above 5 strings are mostly cheap 6 strings or used basses.

    I have seen an Epifani piece of two, but that is about all.
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    May 2, 2007
    Until you are allowed to express your actual thoughts openly here, I'm sorry, but I cannot respond...
  9. Ive seen ashdown, eden, GK, ampeg, markbass, mesa, fender, and Phil Jones amps at the big guitar center in downtown atlanta. This is before this summer though, when I moved to minnesota. Nothing more than ampeg, GK, fender and markbass at the closest GC i can get to.
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    Nov 29, 2003
    So I'm curious, what makes a bass "progressive"? :eyebrow:

    Extra strings beyond 4 or 5? Exorbitant prices? Boutique status? Unique styling appealing to select tastes?

    I'm shocked to discover all of my basses are stagnant or regressive :crying:
  11. We have some nice stuff in my store. Not as much as I want. We have a Guitar Factory 6 string neck through, maple body, wenge top, wenge neck that is pretty sweet. We also have a few killer Stingrays, and a few Warwicks. We had Markbass but once we sold out, we never refilled it for some reason. I keep bothering the higher ups to get me some new Trace Elliot stuff and some new Markbass stuff. Some day.