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project - headless conversion for travel

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by jefff100, Feb 20, 2016.

  1. jefff100

    jefff100 Supporting Member

    Jan 23, 2010
    Jersey Pine Barrens
    hi 'y'all

    I'm not sure if this is the right sub-forum or not so mods feel free to move.
    I thought there might be a group for people just wanting to discuss mods in general and not really full out building your own bass, so Luthier's corner probably isn't it.

    regardless...I'm wanting to mod an inexpensive bass for travel. not really for gigging but to have something to jam along with and practice in the hotel room while on the road for work. I looked at the Traveler Bass and considered one of the newer (gibson made) Steinberger flyswatter, but neither really get it for me.

    What I've got in mind is to take an inexpensive bass such as a squire jazz from craigslist or a low end ibanez SR series and do a headless conversion. Perhaps a Carvin B4 if I can find a used one cheap.

    Goals & concepts
    • Keep weight to a minimum. (hence the ibanez / Carvin idea)
    • Must use bolt on design, so I can remove the neck and pack it all in my suitcase.
    • Probably insert threaded inserts in the body for frequent neck removal / re-installation.
    • headless hardware I've seen at headlessusa.com or from Hipshot. eBay?
    • fretless would be nice, to work on my intonation there.
    • aesthetics do not matter. functionality & playing comfort are really the important issues

    Want to keep the weight down to minimize the impact on suitcase weight. Company will not pay for overweight bag fees, so its still got to carry my clothes and weight under 50 lbs. I have a Carvin B4 from the early 2000's and it plays like a dream and has a solid KOA body. very light bass. I'm not hacking this bass though. Are all the Carvin's from that era light like that or is it the KOA body that makes it light?

    I played an ibanez SR 605 recently at GC. Nice bass and I like the fact that the neck had a volute just below the nut, so for the headless this might be nice. However quite a bit more $ that I wanted to drop for the donor bass to cut the headstock off, not sure if there are cheaper basses with a similar volute at the end of the neck; maybe this could be a mod as well.

    Anyone have thoughts on the various headless hardware options out there? quality issues?

    I played a Music Man Sterling SUB's and liked it, of course my main bass is a MM SR5, so its like home for me. I like the fact that its got the truss rod adjuster at the body end of the neck for this project, but overall the bass is heavier. No fretless option unless I want to pay to have it de-fretted.


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