SOLD Project Hollow P-Bass Body (USACG) 4lbs 2oz

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    Here is an hollow Alder project body from USA Custom Guitars that I have routed and filled (with Alder blocks + filler) a couple of times to accommodate various pickups. If you look at it very closely (like, a couple of inches away from the body) you can just barely see lines from the filled pickup routes through the black nitro finish. It really is a Frankenstein bass body! Thus the cheap price for an adventurous bassist that doesn't need a museum piece but wants a lightweight player... or maybe you want to experiment with the router yourself!

    It still sounds great and is lightweight, I just don't need it anymore. Includes the pickguard. Please note that a regular P-bass pickguard will not cover the control cavity - you need to fashion/purchase something else. I used this: AP-0876-010 Custom AMB P Bass Pickguard Chrome Eliminator Control Plate

    $75 shipped CONUS.

    Paypal only.


    Because there is always someone that wants to see what is under the pickguard:

    Here is what it looked like fully loaded (NOTHING in this picture is included in this sale EXCEPT the BODY and the Tort Pickguard - none of the other parts are available):
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  2. And SOLD - fastest sell ever
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