Project. Home Recording. Thrashy/groovy/funky metal. (also hoping you can slap :D!)

Discussion in 'Wanted: Bass Players' started by Smiledude, Dec 21, 2014.

  1. Smiledude


    Dec 21, 2014
    Hi people, i am from chile and i am looking a bass player able to record at his home so we can do a bunch of cool songs and make some sort of record, i do not seek any comercial stuff. Just making a kitsch piece of art, i guess you can call it like that? . I am to lazy this moment to explain further haha. If someone is interested, and dosent know how to slap would be great anyway.

    Heres a couple of rude ideas i woulda like to re-record. So u can see wuts the idea and the feel of it. Hope u like it anyway if interested or not :D. I am a bit sloppy on my playing, sorry about that :O.

 (this one is way to metal generic but the core is cool) (heavy stuff)

    this two below are more "soft" ones

    Have a nice day. PM me or write here.